5 Reasons Why GBC Tech Training Programs Are a Great Choice for International Students

Friday 9 Nov 2018

At GBC’s School of Distance Education, we offer technical training programs built to prepare International Students for success. Previously, we’ve written about how our tuition fees compare to others and how to leverage your technical background to work in Canada. Today, we want to share with you a list of reasons why our programs are a great choice to ensure that you have a great learning experience as an international student.

World FlagsHere are 5 reasons why you should consider studying with us:

  1. There’s a low registration fee and flexible payment terms.

    • Our pay-as-you-learn payment plan allows you to pay an initial fee and then an additional amount for each module. For example, the PLC Technician program costs $370 initially, which includes registration and course materials and then there is a cost of $70 per module.

    • These smaller payments allow you to minimize some of the risk of choosing to study online through distance education, and then decide if it may is right format for you.
  • While the costs are relatively inexpensive, the skills provided by a technical certificate are very valuable.

2.  We don’t require a high level of prior education.

  • There are limited prerequisites academic prerequisites for students entering our Certificate programs. We don’t require a Bachelor’s degree to start, simply a high school or equivalent level of education.

3.  You will gain practical skills using real-world simulations.

  • The program simulation software, CircuitLogix, 3DLab, RoboLogix, and PLCLogix allows the student to design, test, debug control devices and automated equipment in a virtual environment.

  • We strategically bridge the learning gap between theoretical learning and real-world applications using these powerful simulation tools.

4.  We offer support consultants, staff and resources who are readily available at extended hours to provide you with the support you need. You’ll never feel alone even while being miles away from the classroom.

  • The Support Center is open for extended hours on Monday to Friday, 9 am - 10 pm in the evening and on Saturdays from 9 am - 5 pm (EST). 

  • Full technical, tutorial and administrative support is available to students by phone and email.

  • Our online discussion forums provide our students with an online community to meet other students in the programs and discuss topics of mutual interest.

5.  Our program can be used as a foundation for studying in other College/University programs.

  • Pursuing further education can be daunting, and our programs are a great foundational step that offer more convenience and flexibility than other options.

  • You will be able to work through the program material at your own pace, while also ending up with a credit bearing Certificate that you can use for transfer towards a diploma or Bachelor’s Degree.

It’s important to note that GBC Technical Certificates are not a route to a student visa to come to Canada. Our programs are distance education and are all offered online so you never physically attend the college.

If you need more clarification on anything, please reach out to us at

If you’re thinking about registering, find more information here. If you’d like to speak to a Program Consultant, email us at


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