How To Get Started After Registration

Thursday 8 Mar 2018

If you are considering enrolling into one of our certificate programs, but are unsure of what to expect, here is a brief description of what you will receive upon registration.

Once you’ve enrolled into either Automation, Robotics, Electromechanical, Electronics, or PLC, you will receive an Interactive Learning Package from us by courier within 5 -7 business days.

The package you receive will contain the following items:

1. A welcome letter confirming your registration, along with your user name and password for the Online Resource Center; where you can find additional learning materials to assist with your training. We recommend that you take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the Online Resource Center.This is where you willwrite final exams, and confirm your grades. It’s also home to the Student Discussion Forums, where you can ask questions about difficult concepts, connect with current students who are working through similar questions, or talk to an online tutor.

2. The programs’ curriculum content on a USB drive. The USB contains everything that you will need to work through the program including; the content you need to learn for each module, the simulation software, review questions, and some practice exams. We recommend that you keep the USB somewhere safe, as you will need it throughout your training process.

3. The software user guide that provides in depth detail as to how the simulator software operates, along with how to use all of the functions and controls.

4. The program textbook (if one was ordered).  While the textbook is not a required, referencing it is helpful to students who might value a print based resource to assist with their studies.

5. Your tuition receipt for proof of payment or company tuition reimbursement.

So, you are now ready to start your program. Plug the USB into your computer and install the software to begin your training. Remember you will need to keep the USB plugged into the port to access all the curriculum without having to be online.

All these tools are designed and tested to make sure that everything runs smoothly through the duration of your training program.

If at any point you have troubles with anything at all, you can contact us here at GBCTechTraining Student Support Center by calling 1-866-279-1457 or by using the online forums.

How to get started after registration

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