April 2021 - Manufacturers Embrace Robots, the Perfect Pandemic Worker


How Robotics Can Be Used To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

Robotic technology combined with artificial intelligence (AI)-powered applications are working together to help policymakers, manufacturers, and key industry stakeholders manage and even reduce their carbon footprints. In fact, according to PwC and Microsoft, AI is projected to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by four per cent in 2030, which is equivalent to 2.4 gigatons of carbon dioxide emissions.?  Read More

Where are Canada’s Manufacturing  Hotspots?
It is no secret that Canada’s economy is deeply rooted in the services and natural resources sectors. Nor is it a secret that until recently manufacturing has slowly ebbed away from domestic shores following the promise of cheaper labour abroad. Fortunately for those in the industry, Canadian-based manufacturing operations have experienced a resurgence in recent years, thanks in large part to the highly skilled and specialized workforce that Canada produces. Read More

Manufacturers Embrace Robots, the Perfect Pandemic Worker
After social distancing measures forced layoffs in labor-intensive factories, manufacturers turned to automation, despite the high cost. Now, they aren't going back. Read More


What’s the Difference Between an U.S. Associate’s Degree and a Canadian Diploma?
How does a two-year associate degree completed in the United States compare to a two-year diploma program earned from a Canadian college? It’s an important question to ask, particularly for prospective students based in the U.S. who may be interested in one of our programs but aren’t quite sure how they measure up. It’s.   Read More

3 Tips to Create a Stress-Free Environment
Your home should be a stress-free environment. But living through a pandemic and the rules associated with it, can be more challenging especially since work and school are now more closely integrated in your home. Read More


Join our #AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on April 28 at 1 PM EST!  

Do you have questions about studying at George Brown College, our technical Certificate programs or applying?  Join us at our April  #AMA, a monthly virtual open house where you can chat with our experts and ask your questions about our online technical certificate programs.  

GBC Updates its PLC Technician Certificate Curriculum
Our PLC Technician Certificate program curriculum has been updated to include new features and content directly in response to industry needs and our students most prevalent requests.  The program content update includes additional information on “program flow control related” items such as “Interrupts” and their usage, as well as content relating to closed loop control systems, specifically the PID instruction and how it is used.  Learn More


As a newcomer to Canada, Roland Michael Mi Pontejos wanted an in-depth training program in Automation systems and PLCs.  ‘I started the GBC Automation Technician program, while working in the hotel industry in building maintenance, and registered as the online format fit into my work schedule.’

‘I was close to completing the program when I found a new job as an Instrument Technician at Lanxess Canada [a manufacturers of chemical intermediates, additives, specialty chemicals and modern plastics]. My responsibilities include lead for plant wide instrumentation commissioning/configuration, preventive maintenance, troubleshooting & repair and lead for plant automation and controls (DCS & PLC). Even though I stopped working on the program for a period of time, I was happy to find out I could resume studying and complete it to get my Certificate.' Meet More Graduates.