December 2019 Tech Bytes


How Robotics Makes Individual Workers More Efficient
Modern robots perhaps aren’t what we envisioned they would be fifty, thirty, or even ten years ago. Robotic butlers don’t greet our guests, prepare our meals, or drive us to and from work (yet). Despite this, robots have had a substantial and undeniable impact on each and every one of our lives. Read More

Technicians working ona robotics arm

The Use of Cobots in Smart Automotive Production Lines
Here’s how collaborative robots, or “cobots” (as they have come to be known) are changing the face of automation, primarily in the automotive industry. Read More

Robot fist pumping human

How are PLCs used in Robotics, Automation & Electromechanical fields?
The evolution of the PLC including modern advancements in technology have changed the way in which PLCs are used in some of the most cutting-edge industries. Read More


Some college, no degree, but back in school
Community colleges are the most common destination for adults who years ago left college without earning a credential but now are coming back, according to a new report from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. Read More

Relation of Radians and Angular Velocity to AC Circuits
Radians and angular velocity are terms that are commonly used in AC theory and AC measurement. Most of the electric energy used commercially is generated as Alternating Current (AC). The main reason Alternating Current is used is that alternating voltage may be easily raised or lowered in value. Read More

The Basics of PLC Programming - Part 3
An investigation into some of the ladder logic instructions that are based on real world field equipment familiar to the technicians of today. Specifically a look at a simple Event Driven program segment using another staple of relay logic control systems, the drum sequencer. Learn More


2019 Holiday Hours
The holiday season fast approaching, we wanted to update you on how our school closure, during the holiday break, will impact our technical, tutorial and administrative support.  Learn More


Brett Seely works at Santa Rosa Systems (SRS) as an Electrical Engineer. He designs extendable conveyor systems, specifically by writing and modifying programs, as well as providing backup to the primary programmer.

Brett appreciated the PLC programs' flexible format, stating, "I was able to progress at my own pace which was especially important while working full time. During busy times I could stop the program and during slow times spend more time on it.”

"The simulation software was incredible," Brett continued. "It taught me a great deal with hands on programming which was exactly what I needed to understand the material and learn to the best of my ability.” Meet More Graduates