February 2020 Tech Bytes


Augmented Reality in Manufacturing
Some people confuse AR with virtual reality. Virtual reality (VR) is a complete immersive experience that shuts out the real world. Augmented reality superimposes a computer generated (CGI) video onto a camera captured video. Read More

What is the Relationship between Robotics and AI?
humanoid robot in front of binary code background
Robots have revolutionized the manufacturing industry. Still, AI and robotics researchers have a long way to go to create truly autonomous robots. Let’s take a look at what robots and AI are all about today and how they are used. Read More


Bandwidth of Resonant Circuits
An important property of a resonant circuit is its bandwidth. Bandwidth is defined as the size of frequency range that is passed or rejected by the tuned circuit. To help understand bandwidth further let’s think about a radio. When you turn on a radio and you try to select a radio station, what you're doing is using the bandwidth characteristics of a tuning circuit in the radio to select your particular station. Learn More

The Overlooked Value of Certificates and Associate’s Degrees
The new rules of the college and career game confirm that education level matters, and that more education is generally better when it comes to earnings potential. What is less well known is that program of study and major matter even more to potential earnings than education level. As a result, less education can often be worth more. In fact, some certificate holders can earn more than those with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Read More


System Requirements for GBC Technical Training Certificate Programs
If you’re considering taking one of our online technical training certificate programs, maybe you’ve been wondering what kind of a computer you need to install our program curriculum and simulation software.
Luckily, the system requirements are modest, so most computers will meet them. Learn More