February Tech Bytes 2016

Industry News

U.S Manufacturing carving out staying power

Companies in the business services sector, including management consulting and legal services, continue to grow, reflecting trends in the broader economy. No surprise there. But new data shows mid-size manufacturers — long considered past their prime to overseas pressures — are still going strong in the U.S. economy. Click here for details

A Strong Robot Hand with a Softer Side

A robotic gripper that combines strength with delicacy could help drones hold packages or industrial robots sort objects.  Click here for details

Reshoring trend of moving operations back to U.S gains steam

More manufacturers are bringing production back to the U.S. in an effort to cut costs and move closer to customers, among other factors.  Click here for details


 When Do You Need To Train Your Employees

How often have you groaned at the thought of attending yet another training session that you didn’t need? How often have you wondered “Why am I here” while going through an eLearning course and struggling not to doze off?

Trust that your employees are rational adults who know what is good for them. So if you are wondering whether they appreciate the training you make them go through, then make sure that you deliver it when your employees need it, NOT when you want them to take it.  Click here for details

AI, Robotics, Jobs and Accelerating the Future

If you are an enterprise technologist or if you love thinking about the incredible future we can build for ourselves you no doubt already track the very interesting Marc Andreessen.  Click here for details

Our Programs

Today's industrial and manufacturing plants are not like the ones that our fathers and grandfathers worked in. They are highly automated and rely on a skilled labor force to manage plant operations. It does not matter whether you work in a high-tech industry like medical devices or a more traditional area of manufacturing; you need to ensure your technical skills are up-to-date and broad based to take advantage of the new opportunities that are emerging.

Our Certificate programs will allow you to train across a range of specializations and build a stronger foundation of knowledge and deeper skill set from which to work and excel. And our programs share some core curriculum which will allow to save time and money when earning these additional credentials.

For example, once a student completes the Electronics program they will be exempted from 18 modules of the Electromechanical program, leaving only 6 modules to complete to get the second Certificate. These exemptions also apply if you start with the Electromechanical program first; you’ll need to complete only 5 more modules to earn an Electronics Technician Certificate.

Our PLC programs also share a common core of 7 modules so as a GBC PLC graduate you will receive credit for these 7 modules when studying the PLC Technician II program.

Here’s a quick summary of the module exemptions if your study more than one of our programs:

Success Story

Name: Dimitar Zahariev
Program:  PLC, PLC Technician and Automation

Dimitar Zahariev needed to expand his knowledge in the Automation and PLC fields so he chose the George Brown College Certificate programs. Dimitar felt, they were particularly valuable as they allowed me to study online and on my own pace.

Working fulltime at The Ferrara Candy Company, Dimitar was able to complete the PLC, PLC II and Automation Technician Certificate programs. Without a doubt the way the information is presented and the great simulation software helped me succeed in the programs.  Also the flexibility to take the online exams when I was ready was important given my busy schedule.

Since completing the programs Dimitar has secured a position with more responsibility, within Ferrara Candy, as a Control Engineer.