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A Diploma, Degree or Certificate? Navigating What Works For You
Automation is a new major player in your workplace, and things are changing. You’ve been in the workforce for a few years now and have begun to ask yourself, ‘how can I stay ahead of the game?’ ‘Should I go back to school and how much will it cost’? You’re also worried that you don’t have time to commit to a diploma or degree program, and this makes deciding where to go to upgrade your technical skills nerve wracking.  Read More

The Difference Between a Certificate and Certification​Certification vs. Certificate banner

Two commonly misunderstood types of training are certificates and certifications. Both provide important value, but are quite different in terms of purpose, content, oversight and commitment required to complete them. Selecting the right training will ultimately increase your hire ability and/or value to your employer. Read More

Our Programs

What’s the Difference between the PLC and PLC Technician II Certificate Programs?
PLCLogix 5000 Lab
You’ve taken a big step and made the decision to register in a PLC Training Program. Deciding to go back to school to upgrade your skills wasn't easy, but you’re confident this is the right way to go. You’ve seen our two online Certificate PLC Training Programs and you’re asking yourself “which one is best for me?” We’ve got you covered.” Read More

How to Get Started After Registration.
Here is a brief description of what you will receive upon registration into either the Automation, Robotics, Electromechanical, Electronics, or PLC programs. Read More.

Student Success Story

Name: Eugene Alexeenko
Program: PLC Technician II

Eugene Alexeenko is an Electrical Instrumentation Control Technician at the City of Toronto working at a water treatment facility.

When I first immigrated to Toronto I worked as a C++ programmer before moving to BF Goodrich where I started working on PLC’s. I have always enjoyed programming so I enrolled in PLC Technician II. I know many companies require their employees to have PLC programming skills and a Certificate from George Brown College is solid proof of your skills. In addition, as a CET I am required to upgrade my knowledge on a regular basis. But I would like to continue my education towards a PEng as I was an engineer back home. I believe George Brown College will help me to achieve my goal.

I liked the PLC simulation and I feel very comfortable with its interface. I have been able to apply my learning at work where I create programs for different PLCs to solve process control issues.

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