May 2018 Tech Bytes

Industry News

Artificial Skin for Robots
Softer than human skin, gentler than a baby’s touch, able to feel temperature changes. It’s a sensor. . .  it’s a polymer. . .It’s artificial skin for robots. (Sorry, Superman).  Read More

Stretchable circuit devices on robotic hand

Can a Zebra Crossing Change its Stripes?
The Starling Crossing is an interactive crosswalk that responds dynamically to its environment.  Read More

3 Advances Changing the Future of Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing
Today’s factories are easy to envision as futuristic-seeming hives of automation, where industrial robots mimic the movements and, seemingly, the intentionality of human workers. Read More


How a Technical Certificate can Complement Your University Degree
With technological developments happening all around us, newly graduated engineers or those who have been in the workforce for quite some time may find it difficult to stay competitive and on-trend within the current field.  Read More

Our Programs

What’s the Difference between the PLC and PLC Technician II Certificate Programs?
Probably the most common question that we get from potential PLC students is “what’s the difference between our PLC and PLC Technician II Certificate programs?” Read More

A Guide to Understand Module Exemptions between GBC’s Technical Certificate Programs
Many people considering our online technical programs and even registered students often comment “there is content overlap between the programs ”.  This then prompts the question “do I need to take these overlapping modules “and then “how do the exemptions affect the total cost of the program?” Read More.

Module exemptions between programs

Success Stories

Name: Dustin Smith

Electronics Technician Graduate

Since completing the Electronics Technician program Dustin Smith, a machine operator, has been given new opportunities by his employer, Sybron Dental.  ‘This program has opened many doors; I’ve been promoted to a more technical role, and in the near future, will be moved into a technician position.’

‘The Resource Centre and tutorial support were helpful and came in handy, quite often, when taking a practice exam. Reviewing questions on the practice exams prepared me for the tough questions in the real exams. I also reviewed older posts in the forums, where other students had trouble and received help with the same concepts.’

‘Sybron Dental has supported me through tuition reimbursement and has even recommended that I take the Electromechanical Technician program next.’

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