Teleoperating robots with virtual reality
Certain industries have traditionally not had the luxury of telecommuting. Many manufacturing jobs, for example, require a physical presence to operate machinery.But what if such jobs could be done remotely? Read More

Operating Robots With Virtual Reality

3 Trends Driving Modern Manufacturing Innovation
Imagine being able to make critical product decisions about material selection, scheduling and pricing, all in one place. That's what a "smart factory" can do for you. Read More

Disruptive Changes from Robotics Driving the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
In the world of automotive manufacturing, there are few technologies that promise to be as disruptive as robotics. Sound familiar? Lean More


Tips for Canadian Newcomers on How to Leverage Your Technical Background and Launch your Canadian Work Experience
It goes without saying that with no Canadian work experience, it can be very difficult for new immigrants to find a job in Canada`s technical labour market. And with no first job related to your original foreign training, it can be next to impossible to acquire that coveted Canadian experience that builds the foundation for a successful working career in Canada. Read more


Learning to program PLCs with GBCtechtraining
One of the most commom questions asked by our prospective students is “Learning all about the theory and application of PLCs is great but will I be able to program PLCs after taking the PLC Technician Certificate program?” The answer is yes. Read More


GBC PLC GraduateFrederic Ekollo, PLC Technician Graduate

With the support of his employer, New England Controls, Frederic Ekollo enrolled in the online PLC program. As a System Engineer Frederic spends much of his time doing “programming and configuration, using Emerson DeltaV systems control software but wanted to enhance [his] knowledge of PLC’s.Read More

Meet More Graduates


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