November 2019 Tech Bytes


How Robotics Can Be Used To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint
Robotic technology combined with artificial intelligence (AI)-powered applications are working together to help policy-makers, manufacturers and key industry stakeholders manage and even reduce their carbon footprints. Read More
 Vector recycling factory and automated robot sorting process
Mitigating Human Error & Operational Risk By Creating A Robust Automation Roadmap
Increasingly, companies and manufacturers are turning to automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to reduce IT staff time, bolster efficiency and create an environment conducive to the successful implementation of digital transformations. 

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Improving Assembly Efficiency With Kitting
Kitting services can provide a number of benefits to manufacturing companies that are looking to streamline their warehousing processes and transition into lean manufacturing. Read More


Tips & Interview Questions that will Help You Prepare for Your Next Technical Job Interview
Before you head off to your interview, it's important for you to do your homework. 3 tips to help get you started. Read More

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Tips & How Much Math Should I Know for the Electronics Program?
Are you interested in our Electronics Technician Certificate Program, but not sure if your background in math meets the math requirements? Don’t worry! Learn more about what math skills you need and ways you can improve them. Learn More


Olubunmi is a Test Technician for a fire alarm, communication and security system facility where he tests electronic components and final products, isolates non-compliant results and troubleshoots and fixes defective products. “When I initially started with the company I was in packing and then moved to assembly hoping that my previous experience in quality control coupled with my science degree would help me get a Test Technician position. However I was told without an electronics education or direct experience I wasn’t qualified. Once I completed the first 6 modules of the Electronics Certificate I was given the opportunity to work as a Technician.’

‘The Electronics program helped me develop my troubleshooting skills making me more confident in my job. Now I train new technicians and offer technical support to the production line.’

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