Sept. 2019 Tech Bytes

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Is Robotization Destroying or Creating Jobs?
The human vs. robot topic in workplaces has been in the spotlight for quite a while... what is the role of robotization, or automation in a broader sense, in today’s employment?  Read More

Drone Use in Agriculture Soaring to New Heights

While topographers have been using drones to scale and photograph land for years, more recently drones are on the rise in the world of agriculture – and for good reason. These super-drones are much more than just aerial cameras; they provide significant benefits for farmers, improving farm efficiency and increasing crop yields. Read More


Non-Degree Certificates Buy High Value
American adults who hold certificates and certifications, but no college degree, report better employment and lives than those without certificates  Read More

Exploring How Americans See Automation in the Workplace 
While the concept of automation has existed since the Industrial Revolution, the term was officially coined in the 1940s by the Ford Motor Company. Since then, it has continued to substantially shape the way Americans live and work.  Read More


The Basics of PLC Programming - Part 2
Application control programs generally consist of 2 types of routine segments; time driven segments and event driven segments that generally either direct a series of timed events, or provide a desired response to changing conditions in the environment.  Read More 


Rodney Tyson is a Senior Maintenance Technician with YanFeng Global Automotive Interiors, a world leader in the manufacturing of automotive interiors. While Rodney has worked with Electronics for over 20 years he did not have any formal training. The Electronics Technician Certificate not only allowed him to get his academic credential but is “just the beginning of my training and is a great foundation to pursue other certificates. I am now taking the Electromechanical program and then will take the PLC or Automation Technician programs.”

“There are many aspects of the Electronics Technician program I liked including the self-paced format which made working on it easy with my full time work schedule. Also your Resource Center is absolutely awesome. They are kind, understanding and willing to help with everything. For example, I had some trouble with the algebra so it was great having then there to assist me. Please extend my thanks to them.”

 “I am so thankful that I found George Brown College. With the completion of the Electronics Certificate I will be given a pay increase and am hoping to assume an engineering role. I will also recommend George Brown College to all of my fellow associates. In fact one of my coworkers has already started your Automation Technician program.”

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