December 2020 Tech Bytes - How Smart Factories Integrate PLCs, Automation and Robotics


How Smart Factories Integrate PLCs, Automation and Robotics
The beginning of this, the third decade of the new millennium, may have started out rather bleak, but it does not mean that things like innovation or advances in technology have come to a grinding halt. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Read More

Engineer with touch screen and robotics arm

Why 5G & Future Smart Factories: How Will 5G Affect Factory Automation
A game changer. A catalyst. The dawn of a new age. These are just some of the ways industry leaders are describing the impact 5G technology will bring to the manufacturing and automation sectors. Industry buzz is one thing, but what exactly are the benefits associated with 5G that smart factories of the future can expect? Read More


An Overview of Magnetic Field Lines and its Characteristics
Explore the basic concepts and theory of Magnetic Fields.  Read More
Magnet Iron Filings

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Which PLC Brand to Use in Your Studies
Siemens vs Allen-Bradley
There here is no simple answer to that question but there are several factors that can help you choose which PLC brand to learn and help you excel in your career as a technician. Read More


GBCTechTraining is pleased to announce: Office Hours
Office Hours is a virtual office meeting where you can chat with our experts and ask questions about our technical certificate programs whether you’re an existing student or someone who’s interested in learning more about us.Learn More

20 Best Reasons to Choose our PLC Programs. Watch our PLC Webinar
In our recent webinar, our program experts covered 20 reasons to choose our PLC program. It included essential information about our PLC programs. Learn More


Alvaro Real, Electronics Technician Graduate

Alvaro Real has recently completed the Electronics Technician Certificate program and found ‘it has provided me with deep theoretical and practical foundations for electronics. It’s appropriate for anyone looking to learn about all relevant concepts related to electronics; especially since you can work on it at your own pace’

‘I always had a very positive experience when I used the Resource Center. The staff members are quite helpful and proactive which was much appreciated. Meet More Graduates