October Tech Bytes

Industry News

Robots take root on smaller dairy farms, upping production

Robots have taken up residence at some small- and medium-sized dairy farms across the country, providing reliable and more efficient labor and helping the businesses remain viable. Plus, farmers say, the milking technology makes for happier, more productive cows. Click here for full story

What’s hot in robotics? Four trends to watch

Stock MarketFour diverse trends are having a big effect on the robotics industry worldwide, and the global media and financial gurus are  paying attention to the process.  Click here for full story


A university degree isn’t the only, or best, way to build your earning power

Over the past few years, gloom-and-doom news reports and commentaries have warned about the dangers of pursuing any sort of higher education other than earning a university degree, in terms of ultimate earning potential…Those ideas, however, rest on a shaky foundation that crumbles under the slightest scrutiny. Click here for details

Our Programs

What’s the difference between the PLC and PLC Technician II certificate programs?

Many people are considering upgrading their skills with our online PLC but are unsure which program is a better fit for their specific needs. One common question asked is, “What’s the difference between our PLC and PLC II Technician Certificate programs?”

Both programs provide a thorough review of PLCs but with one very important difference. The difference is defined by which generation of PLC technology is covered in the program and emulated, in the accompanying simulation tool. The PLC Technician Certificate covers the older more established PLC technology which uses traditional Input/Output (I/O) based addressing versus the PLC Technician II Certificate, which covers the newer, more advanced PLC technology, that uses tag-based addressing. Click here for details

A sneak peak of what it’s like to be a student in one of the GBCTechTraining programs

Taking an online training program is a new experience for most of our students. How do I access the content of the program, how do I take an exam, or how do I interact with the college are typical examples of the kinds of questions that run through a student`s mind. To a first- timer of online learning it may seem a bit scary and complicated but rest assured it really is very straightforward and simple.  To demonstrate how easy, here’s a sneak peak of what it’s like to be a student in one of the GBCTechTraining programs. Click here for details

Student Success Story

Name: Kevin K.
Program: PLC Technician II

Working as an Industrial Electrician within the automotive sector, Kevin, registered into the PLC Technician II program “to enhance his PLC knowledge but also prepare for a position change as a Controls & Automation Specialist.”

Kevin was able to apply much of what he learned in the program to his current job. “We have many Siemens PLC’s at work, however the GBC program gave me a broader sense of PLC’s in the industry. Although I am programming Siemen’s PLC’s I found that it was fundamentally the same as taught in the GBC program.  I work with robotics in my job so the module on Robotics was very informative.”

“The ‘go at your own pace’ was important as it allowed me to work around my full time job.  As well the interactive hands on’ approach to the programming made it much easier to understand