Wednesday 20 Jun 2018

Within the last decade, the pace of technological advancement has increased rapidly, changing the way things like factories and transit systems operate. Automation has become a key factor going forward, as machine capability grows. This increased presence creates a skills gap as the necessity to have workers trained in the operation of these machines becomes a pressing need.

Monday 13 Apr 2015

As the landscape of manufacturing changes, with plant operations becoming increasingly automated, more technically skilled workers are required to maintain your company’s competitive edge.

Thursday 12 Mar 2015

It`s never really been practical for GBC to try and provide job advising or placement services to our students because they are so very, broadly distributed. About 90% of them are spread out across North America, and the remaining 10 % are even further away; ranging from the Australian outback to the oil rigs of the North Sea. 

Tuesday 24 Feb 2015

George Brown College offers 5 online technical training programs that are eligible for the Canada-Aberta Jobs Training Grant.

What is the Canada-Alberta Job Grant?

It is a new grant that provides training subsidies for Alberta companies to help train existing or new employees to develop new skills. 

Monday 23 Feb 2015

As an employer in the manufacturing sector you understand that innovation drives industry and your business. It is becoming more difficult to find workers with the skills today’s jobs demand to match that innovation.