8 Steps to Stay Motivated in GBCTechTraining’s Online Programs

Monday 18 Mar 2019

One of the many advantages of GBC Technical Training online certificate programs is that they’re self-paced, allowing students to create a flexible study schedule and write exams when they are ready! However, it can be a challenge to stay focused and motivated when there are no formal due dates for exams or graduation, which means that students will need to take some proactive steps to ensure that they don’t lose momentum and stay motivated throughout the program.

Here are 8 steps to stay motivated in GBCTechTraining’s online programs!

1. Establish a studying schedule and create manageable and realistic goals

Students may find the amount of modules they need to complete daunting, but breaking the content into realistic and manageable portions when studying is important when trying to make progress. For example, a goal could be completing one module every other week (studying the material and writing the exam). Creating due dates for reviewing content and writing exams is also helpful, as students can track their progress as they work towards their due dates.

The average completion time for a program is 6-8 months of part-time study, but students can complete the program sooner if they have prior experience or if they plan more time for study.

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2. Determine when you are most productive

A factor to consider when creating a study schedule is when you are most productive during the day. Considering this can help you plan your optimal time for study, as you can accomplish more when you are focused and motivated!

3. Establish a study area

Establishing a dedicated and comfortable study area that’s free of distractions can help students get into the mindset of studying. This space could be at the library or in a home office, and should have enough space to accommodate your computer and any textbook(s).

A large distraction for students are often their phones—turning phones off or setting them on silent while studying will help students focus on learning.

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4. Don’t wait to register for a module

As you’re close to finishing, or have finished a module, don’t delay in registering for a new module! A delay may impact your study schedule and interrupt your momentum when you’re trying to stay focused on completing the program. It’s always beneficial to have the next module available and ready to start.

You can register anytime for a module, and registrations will be processed Monday to Friday, 9 am – 5pm.

5. Reach out for support as soon as you need help

It’s better to reach out to our Support Consultants for tutorial, administrative, and/or technical support sooner rather than later to get the help you need. We try and get back to students within 24 hours, but students can also find material-related help in the discussion forum! The discussion forum contains an archive of most-commonly asked student questions, and an online tutor is also available in the forums to answer any questions students may have.

Another useful resource is our blog, where students can find posts such as how to register for a new module, how to write the online exams, and how to use the GBC Tech Student forums.

6. Find a study partner

Having a study partner can allow students to share ideas, review program material and work through problems together, and keep each other on track and motivated when studying.

There are many opportunities to find a study partner, but one way is through connecting with fellow students in our Facebook group!

7. Complete the module challenges

Getting answers right in the practice exams, or “module challenges”, can help boost your confidence and keep you motivated, and completing them is a great way to test your knowledge before taking the real module exams.

Some modules will have practice exams available, and they can be found in the Student Resource Centre, under the “Learning Centre” tab.

8. Reward yourself

Studying requires hard work and dedication, which is why it is important to take mental breaks and reward yourself from time to time. An example of a study reward could be a short YouTube video!

How do you stay motivated in your online program? If you have any questions, you can speak to a Support Consultant toll-free at 1 866-279-1457 or email us at

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