Do you want to earn a Canadian credential to add to your list of technical qualifications? We know students from all over the world consider studying at a Canadian college or university because of Canada’s excellent reputation and because the degrees, diplomas and certificates are highly respected globally.

Do you feel you need to boost your skills and increase your technical knowledge but don’t know how to ask your employer to pay for your online technical training? Well, you might be surprised to discover that your employer is more inclined to support your technical training than you are expecting.

As George Brown College will be closed the last week of December, we want to make sure our students are aware of our office hours, how this will effect registering into new modules, the availability of student support and taking final exams.

Office Hours
The Student Support Center itself will close at 2 pm on Friday December 22, 2017, and will reopen on Tuesday morning, January 2, 2018.

Colin Simpson is the Dean of GBC’s Centre for Continuous Learning. He has worked at George Brown College for the past 25 years in a variety of positions, including roles in faculty Colin Simpson, Dean for Continuous Learningand administration with the most recent 15 years as Dean. Throughout his tenure he has grown continuing education enrolment from 35,000 to 65,000 registrants per year.

Are you looking for a technical training program to develop your skills and propel your career forward?
We know that finding the right program and finalizing your choice can be difficult, frustrating and time consuming. This can be especially true given the large number of technical programs available and different study options to consider including school reputation, program outcomes, instructors, learning experience, and price.

It goes without saying that with no Canadian work experience, it can be very difficult for new immigrants to find a job in Canada`s technical labour market. And with no first job related to your original foreign training, it can be next to impossible to acquire that coveted Canadian experience that builds the foundation for a successful working career in Canada.

At GBCtechtraining we are committed to helping you get the most out of your education with us. Our Student Resource Center is always available for you, and our Program and Support Consultants are ready to answer all your questions about the online technical programs. To help you save a bit of time we’ve compiled this list of important but lesser known facts to help optimize your learning experience with us.

One of the most commom questions asked by our prospective students is “Learning all about the theory and application of PLCs is great but will I be able to program PLCs after taking the PLC Technician Certificate program?” The answer is yes.

Congratulations, you have enrolled in our online technical program and taken the first step toward a technical education to move your career forward.

Along with the program material, on a USB or DVD, you now have access to our student forums where you can meet other students in the program, ask questions regarding the program material, get help with difficult concepts or find tutorials on difficult course concepts.Forum

There are unique advantages to studying by distance education, specifically to get technical training that you need to move into a new job or to qualify for that big promotion. At GBC we understand that you need to keep broadening your technical skills to move ahead in the world but that sometime obstacles can get in the way of continuing your training.