Tech Jobs Hold the Most Promise for Immigrants

It’s no secret that the Canadian job market hasn’t always been as welcoming to new Canadians as most of us would like to believe. It’s also no secret that our beloved nation is known internationally as a cultural and ethnic melting pot – after all, we have the highest immigration rate per capita than anywhere else on the planet – so naturally, we assume that our workforce must be one that values and recognizes workers with foreign experience and credentials.

Source: Fernando Morales/The Globe&Mail/CP

The truth is, many skilled workers that have immigrated to Canada find themselves under-employed, having to accept positions that essentially force them to set aside the very skills that employers are chomping at the bit for. In a further ironic twist, it’s those skills that played a role in getting them into Canada in the first place.

It would seem, finally, this trend has finally started to correct itself.

Tech Jobs: Factors That Go Into Driving Demand
In many respects, the Canadian economy is unique among industrialized nations. We’re a rich nation, but we rely heavily on foreign investment to drive our resource-based economy. It’s no surprise that by and large, the tech jobs that show the most growth are jobs that revolve around those industries.

While sectors like mining and oil and gas extraction often seem to be volatile, cyclical industries, the long-term prognosis for jobs in these fields looks promising. As resources continue to dwindle all over the world, foreign dollars will inevitably find their way to Canada. And while foreign investment is great for injecting funding into infrastructure and social programs, it’s also the lifeblood of the job market.

Old Industries Need Increasingly Sophisticated Technology
Resource extraction is nothing new. But for some of the world’s most in-demand resources, companies must dig deeper and venture further into unforgiving environments than ever before. These conditions are what drives the need for advanced machinery and versatile robotics – so if something like robotics technician, electronics technician, or electrical engineer is part of your resume, chances are good you’ll be an asset to one of Canada’s resource industries.

Population Growth and Age Also Create Tech Jobs
With a rapidly aging population, Canada is likely to see a huge need when it comes to the healthcare industry. As the tech used in things like diagnostic imagers and treatment machines becomes more advanced, so too must the skills of the operator. Having a population that is aging means many more of these positions will be opening up shortly.

True, healthcare funding has remained stagnant over the last few years – but all signs indicate that this is likely to change in the not too distant future.

Population growth too, means there is more need for these types of operators. That being said, professionals looking to make the move to Canada and contribute to an expanding healthcare industry can also find meaningful employment in developing the kind of technology that saves lives.

Canada is home to several world-renowned healthcare facilities like The Hospital for Sick Children that, in addition to caring for patients, develop new procedures and technology aimed at prolonging life and improving its quality for those suffering with chronic conditions or terminal illness.

Small Manufacturers Are Choosing to Stay in Canada
There was a time when the allure of cheap foreign labor was too good to pass up, and that meant the manufacturing sector in Canada all but disappeared. Studies seem to indicate however that smaller manufacturers are opting to stay right here – in the true north strong and free.

While it may cost companies more to produce their goods here than overseas, “Made in Canada” is a fact they’re able to leverage as part of their marketing strategy. Canadians like buying Canadian – it’s as simple as that.

So what does that mean? Can you, a newcomer to Canada expect to be employed by a smaller manufacturing business? While there are no guarantees, manufacturing positions seem to be on the rise – and if there’s one thing manufacturers need, regardless of their market capitalization, is skilled workers that are able to design, install, and operate the complicated machinery that produces their product.

Remember, if you come with the skills, great. If not, that’s okay too. There are plenty of government resources and George Brown College has online technology courses to help you get up to speed so that you too can take advantage of Canada’s growing economy and find gainful employment in a tech driven industry.