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August 2014 Tech Bytes


Report: Restoring the Middle Class With Manufacturing Jobs

Six ideas to accelerate the pace of innovation for America's small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises (SMEs.)

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Canadian manufacturing poised for true recovery

Canada's manufacturing sector is finally poised for a true recovery after spending the last eight years in survival mode, according to a new report from consulting firm KPMG.

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Robot Milker Demand to Surge

Analyst says the switch to robotic milking will play a major part in expansion plans for an increasing number of dairy farmers.

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Report: 31 million Americans have college credits, but no degree

 At a time when policymakers are struggling to increase the proportion of Americans with college and university degrees, more than 31 million people have already accumulated credits but quit without graduating, a new report shows.

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We know that life is full of responsibilities and it can be difficult to juggle commitments. Often, personal interests, like going back to school get pushed aside in order to attend to other concerns, like family and work. However, in order to thrive in the current job market up-to-date specialized training is vital.

Our online technical programs can help you whether you are starting out, changing career paths, or looking to advance your current role.

Our programs offer:

1. Flexible and convenient format allows you to complete the course work and exams from home or work at your own pace.

2. Personalized support from our Support Center Staff, assisting you with technical or tutorial questions 

3. Interactive learning software simulates on-the-job projects and challenges 

4. Continuous enrollment so you can start anytime that’s convenient to you.

To learn more, call a Program Advisor toll-free at 1-888-553-5333


Name: Willie Childress

Program: Electronics, Electromechanical, PLC & PLC II Technician

Willie Childress has completed the Electronics, Electromechanical and PLC Technician programs and is currently enrolled in the PLC Technician II program. Willie initially enrolled in the programs to help him understand the control and monitoring systems used within his company and felt "the programs taught him exactly what he needed to know".

“The programs were very well organized and as a result I required very little extra help from the GBC Resource Center. I enjoyed every aspect of the program but particularly liked the easy payment method. The pay-as-you-go option made it simple for me to continue at my convenience."

“When I first enrolled in the programs I was an operator but have moved into a managerial role as an Assistant Director of Water Production Services overseeing 17 employees; that includes Supervisor of Operations and the Supervisor of Maintenance. I have come a long way from just being one of the guys to being the man in charge."