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George Brown has Best Reputation for Academics in Ontario

George Brown has the best reputation for academic quality in Ontario, and second best for the quality of student experience, according to a province-wide survey of college applicants.

Applicants praised George Brown’s programs, teachers and overall excellence in preparing students for the workforce. "I know people who have attended… and have gotten good jobs," one applicant commented. George Brown "has a solid reputation as a strong and prestigious school — indeed, many applicants regard it as one of the best and most highly-regarded colleges in the province, well-known for the success of it’s graduates." the survey analysis by the Academica Group concludes. The finding was based on the voluntary responses of more than 15,500 applicants to Ontario colleges for the fall of 2007. Of that number 1,314 were applying to George Brown as the first choice college, with the balance applying to other Ontario colleges as their first choice. "The 2005-2008 Academic Strategy has helped us put academic excellence at the top of our agenda," says Academic Vice President Michael Cooke. "We've been working very hard at improving our curriculum, hiring more full-time faculty, expanding professional development for our teachers and improving quality through program review. The survey results suggest the word is getting out that GBC is committed to being Ontario's best college for teaching and academics." Applicants to Ontario colleges have been surveyed for the last four years, in studies funded by a consortium of colleges, but this is the first year college reputation has been included in the questions. While other colleges weren't named in the reputation rankings, the survey put George Brown ahead of its close competitors saying it's positioned "at the head of a cluster of Ontario's top five colleges." Applicants in the survey embraced the diversity of George Brown's student population and held the student experience here in high regard. "Student life at George Brown is perceived quite positively — it is a "fun," "dynamic," and "exciting" school with a friendly feel. Though viewed as "big" and "busy," its campus is "nice" with a "great location", the survey report says.