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June 2014 Tech Bytes

Industry News

Robots, Reshoring and the Promise of the 21st Century

Rodney Brooks, is designing tools to bring manufacturing up to date and back in the U.S.A.

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US Factory Output Rebounded in May

U.S. manufacturing output rose in May after in shrinking in April, led by greater production of autos, computers and furniture.

The gains show that Americans, buoyed by steady job gains, are buying more cars while businesses are ordering more machinery and other goods. Those trends are fueling factory production and driving growth. Analysts think the U.S. economy is rebounding after contracting in the first three months of the year.

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The build-up. Good and ready

After slow beginnings, a big push in robotics now seems imminent

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Human-Robot Collaboration ‘Gaining an Enormous Amount of Momentum

A gentler breed of robot has entered the workplace and new features have made even conventional industrial robots safer to be around.

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Education Needs to Change as Fast as Technology

More Americans go to college than ever. But how many think about the return they will get from tuition payments that can easily reach $200,000?

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 GBC Programs

Free Tutorial Support

Receive unlimited free personalized technical, tutorial and administrative support from our Student Support Center. Our staff can assist you with simple issues such as installing the program disk or math problems to more complex content-based tutorial questions.

Meet Our Online TutorDwayne Nehls

Dwayne Nehls, Senior Technical and Tutorial Support Advisor has assisted with curriculum development and worked as a support advisor for our programs for approximately 8 years. Dwayne is also responsible for the online tutorial forums and develops web based resources to assist students with difficult areas of the course material.

Dwayne has diplomas in Electronics and Industrial Control Systems Technology from Seneca College and attended the Electrical Engineering program at the University of Toronto.

He has worked in the field of Electronics and Industrial Controls for over 15 years and specializes in Spice model development as well the use of simulation tools. Dwayne enjoys helping people, particularly when it comes to explaining technology related topics. He is one of our many staff here to support our students and he looks forward to speaking with you when you call.

Check out some of the tutorial videos, developed by Dwayne, on YouTube.







Student success story
Name: Wesley R Taylor
Program: Electromechanical Technician Certificate

Wesley Taylor is a Maintenance Machinist at a newspaper printing facility where he is responsible for troubleshooting, repair and preventative maintenance. “With the changes occurring within the newspaper industry and downsizing at my company” Wesley registered for the Electromechanical Technician Certificate program “to build my skill set and enhance my marketability to a wider industry base.”Wesley aylor

“The Electromechanical program's self-paced approach suited me and I also like the simulator. It seemed like I was getting the “most bang for the buck with this program.”

“My responsibilities at work have not changed but I have a much better understanding of the processes, am better equipped to troubleshoot and feel I can be of more help to the other trades I work with. I feel confident that I have much to offer my employer or another employer if a move becomes necessary.”