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Augmented Reality in Manufacturing
Some people confuse AR with virtual reality. Virtual reality (VR) is a complete immersive experience that shuts out the real world. Augmented reality superimposes a computer generated (CGI) video onto a camera captured video. Read More


7 Industries That Will Be Completely Transformed by AR Technology

There are numerous ways AR can enhance the roles of people working in manufacturing including providing real-time information on machinery malfunctions and maintenance issues, safety warnings, and immersive design and assembly training that helps new talent learn in a controlled, secure environment.  Read More


How Robotics Makes Individual Workers More Efficient
Modern robots perhaps aren’t what we envisioned they would be fifty, thirty, or even ten years ago. Robotic butlers don’t greet our guests, prepare our meals, or drive us to and from work (yet). Despite this, robots have had a substantial and undeniable impact on each and every one of our lives. Read More


How Robotics Can Be Used To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint
Robotic technology combined with artificial intelligence (AI)-powered applications are working together to help policy-makers, manufacturers and key industry stakeholders manage and even reduce their carbon footprints. Read More

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