June Tech Bytes


Robots May Help Defuse Demographic Time Bomb in Japan, Germany

Japan and Germany may be sitting on a ticking demographic time bomb where aging populations begin to drag down economic growth. Good thing they’re also prime candidates for robot revolutions.  Click here for full story

Declining Working Age Population Chart

U.S. Employers Add Modest 138K Jobs; Rate Dips To 4.3 Percent

Job growth may be slowing after a long stretch of robust gains. Click here for details


With Innovation, Colleges Fill the Skills Gap

How large is the so-called skills gap? Of the more than 42,000 employers the firm surveyed last year, 40 percent said they were having difficulties filling roles, the highest level since 2007. Click here for details

41% of Employers Hire College Grads for Jobs Formerly Held by High School Grads

It’s getting harder to land a good, well-paying job without a college degree. While some college students second-guess their college and degree choice, college grads are much better off than high school grads. Click here for details 


4 Steps to Re-vitalizing Your Career

One of the most difficult challenges you may encounter during your career is what to do when you feel you've reached a plateau at work. What you may not realize is that when you drag your feet to the office, feel unchallenged at work, or lack a clear picture of where your career is headed, your lack of motivation is evident in your job performance. Read More

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Name: Brian Archer
Program: Electromechanical Technician

Electromechanical GraduateBrian Archer enrolled in the Electromechanical Technician program ``to improve [his] skills, advance [his] career and get an apprenticeship at Modatek Systems, an automotive company.``  By completing the program, Brian has moved from production to a member of the pre-apprenticeship technical team. He ``has applied a lot of what [he] learned to [his] job and is now responsible for the technical maintenance side of things rather than just being focused on the production side.”

‘I liked the flexibility of being able to work at my own pace and the fact that I could reach someone in the resource center if I needed any help. They were there to help answer all my questions.’

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