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A new 3rd edition of our supplementary PLC textbook is now available. This edition includes new material that corresponds closely to content introduced into the revised CD-ROM curriculum, in September 2006. Highlights of the 3rd edition include: 1.) The Data Communications chapter has been significantly expanded to include more in-depth and detailed coverage of communications technology including Internet, LANs and WANs. 2.) Increased special emphasis on installation and maintenance of PLCs, process control and industrial applications of PLCs, and input and output stages of PLC operations.

We are very pleased to announce that we've just activated five new interactive discussion forums for registered students. The forums are accessed from within the online Student Support Center. Each of our three programs, (Electronics, Electromechanical and Programmable Logic Controllers), now has its own private discussion forum, where students can share their comments, questions and experiences about the program with other enrolled students. The fourth forum is strictly a tutorial forum, where you can direct specific questions about course content to one of our online tutors.

Our Electronics Technician Certificate program has been upgraded to include the newest release of the CircuitLogix analog and digital circuit simulator, a powerful, yet easy-to-use circuit simulator that incorporates 3D lab, SPICE simulation, and ladder logic. CircuitLogix replaces TinaPro, a circuit simulator that is now targeting the more technically complex commercial market. CircuitLogix has been developed to specifically serve the educational marketplace.