Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) Technician Certificate Program

The Programmable Logic Controllers Technician (PLC) Certificate program provides the basic technical skills and knowledge necessary to work with programmable logic control systems found typically in an industrial/manufacturing environment. The program covers the operation of various PLC control systems including both discrete and analog control devices. The simulation software, PLCLogix 500, that is included with the program, simulates the Rockwell Logix 500 series of PLCs.

PLC Program Description

The PLC Technician Certificate program is designed for self-paced study so students can move through the program material at their own pace, according to what time they have available within the busy schedules.  This program is divided into 19 modules; each contains text, animations, mini audio lectures, illustrations, review questions, pre-built lab projects and practice exams.

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Our Simulator converts your computer into a virtual PLC

The simulation software, PLCLogix 500 is designed to emulate the Rockwell (Allen Bradley) series of PLCs. This simulation software which includes over 250 pre-built lab projects, allows the student to develop their programming skills, writing, testing, and de-bugging PLC programs. Essentially the PLCLogix 500 simulates the PLC, ladder rung editor and all the electrical components that have, until now, been required to learn PLC programming and operation. The simulation also enables program to be fully tested offline before they are entered and run in an online ‘real-world’ environment removing safety concerns and possible damage to real equipment.

PLCLogix 500 also provides ten interactive 3D animations or “3DWorlds” which emulate a wide range of manufacturing and service applications including;

  • Batch Mixing
  • Bottling Line
  • Dual-Compressor
  • Elevator
  • Moving Car Wash
  • Silo
  • Single-Compressor
  • Stationary Car Wash
  • Traffic Lights
  • Warehouse Door  

A virtual tutor, or wizard, is provided throughout the labs to demonstrate circuit operations, provide trouble-shooting tips and point to various commands and instructions required for specific labs. The wizard will help a student by ‘walking’ them though a lab [project and outlines the objectives of a given task or set of instructions.

The PLCLogix 500 PLC simulator includes;

  • Highly intuitive graphic user interface (GUI)
  • Single click addition of rungs or branches in the ladder diagram
  • Well organized element bins for easy selection of available device types
  • Device details and settings easily entered by clicking on any placed device
  • Direct input for data tables, masks, sequencer tables, files etc.
  • View device and data tables in separate window during program execution
  • Resizable windows allow for viewing I/O status and program execution simultaneously
  • Run time contact status visually displayed on ladder diagram during program execution
  • Run time counter and timer values displayed during program execution
  • Ten interactive “3DWorlds” which emulate a wide range of manufacturing and service applications.

Additional Online Program Resources.

In addition to the curriculum, the program provides supplementary learning resources online. They include alternative content presentations, topical examples, exercises, tutorial videos, student and tutor focused tutorial forums and the online exam center.

The program has clarified a lot for well I am using
what I learned from the program on the job and do refer back
to the program material regularly