Online Wind Turbine (WT) Technician Training

Certificate Training Program

The Wind Turbine (WT) Technician online Certificate program is intended to address a global need for people who are skilled in servicing, diagnosing, repairing and installing wind turbines and related equipment.

Maintenance team wind turbine inspection

About the program

The Wind Turbine Technician  program is intended to prepare graduates for career opportunities in one of the fastest-growing energy sectors in the world. While most of the employment opportunities for wind turbine technicians are largely in the service and maintenance areas, there are other specialized wind energy jobs with greater career prospects and compensation. Our program is the right choice for people who have a technical aptitude, enjoy working outdoors, who are looking for a high-paying job with opportunities for advancement and who are not afraid of heights. 

This self-paced online program is designed for adult learners seeking independent study in the rapidly growing Clean Tech sector. Our WT Technician program is intended for students interested in improving their technical knowledge in installing, diagnosing, servicing, repairing and operating wind turbines and related equipment. This program has no post-secondary academic prerequisites.


3DLab Circuit Simulation

The 3DLab simulator is used early on in the program to help students visualize basic electrical circuits.  The ability to add components and wire them together along with the availability of virtual instruments such as function generators, oscilloscopes, and multimeters give students the ability to examine voltage and current values at various locations throughout the circuit. 3D Lab is ideal for learning the basics such AC and DC sources, as well as series and parallel circuits. It is also useful for illustrating various component types and their basic function/purpose.

CircuitLogix Simulation

CircuitLogix is a powerful, yet easy to use circuit simulation tool which includes thousands of electronic devices, as well as test equipment and troubleshooting tools.  There are numerous pre-built laboratory projects that are part of the course curriculum, plus students can build and design their own circuits to further their knowledge and understanding of electricity and power electric circuits.  The focus of the lab projects is to reinforce the basic circuit theory that is covered by enabling the students to test and troubleshoot actual circuit schematics that are used in power generation elecronics.  By using CircuitLogix, students will enhance their knowledge and skills in the study of communication and power electronics by observing and interacting with devices and circuits that are common in power generation applications.

PLCLogix Simulation

The WT Technician program incorporates PLCLogix 500 PLC simulation software that’s the perfect tool to learn the fundamentals of PLC operations and ladder logic programming. PLCLogix 500 emulates one of the most popular PLCs used in wind turbine applications, Rockwell RSLogix. By using PLCLogix and its state-of-the-art 3D Wind Turbine world, students are able to adjust parameters such as wind speed and direction and gain a much greater understanding of how PLCs are able to autonomously control a wind turbine’s operation. 

Program Costs

George Brown College offers you a number of easy registration options, to make it convenient and affordable for you to register in the Wind Turbine Technician Certificate. You can register for the program in full, or if you prefer, you can pay module-by-module with our pay-as-you-learn option or just purchase the curriculum material on its own.  Our pay-as-you-learn option gives you the ability to begin the program after paying a portion of the cost, and as you work your way through the program you will pay for your next module as you access it.  If you are on a budget, this can be a great way to get started on or continue your education without a huge up-front investment. 

Total cost

Payment Options

Full Registration

Students register and pay for the complete program at one time. Full registration includes all tuition fees and learning material fees for the program and represents the entire program cost of $1750. It also includes the laboratory simulation software program and access to all of the learning resources for the 14 modules as well web-based supplemental resources, free tutorial and technical support and online testing.

Pay-As-You-Learn Registration

Initial registration is $580 (includes all learning materials, laboratory simulation software and Module 1) and registration for each of the remaining 13 modules is $90/module. Students may register for one or more modules at any time.

Purchase the Curriculum Material

Purchase the web-based curriculum material on its own, at a cost of $490, and preview it before registering into the program,

Additional Online Program Resources

The Student Resource Center includes discussion forums for access to other students taking the EV. Online exams are also accessed within the Resource Center, submitted online for marking and then posted to the student’s account in the Resource Center, giving exam results almost right away.

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