Robotics Technician Certificate Training Program

The Robotics Technician Certificate program is designed for people who are interested in building their technical knowledge and skills in industrial robotics. Trades people such as electricians, millwrights, PLC technicians and maintenance mechanics will benefit from the program content and experience with a fully-functioning industrial robot simulation. The program provides a basic theoretical foundation for industrial robotics. It does not emphasize any one particular robot manufacturer but rather uses examples from across the industry.

Overview of the Program

The Robotics Technician Certificate program is designed in a self directed format which allows our students to work on program material at a pace they feel comfortable with, at home or in their workplace, without the need to attend college on a full or part-time basis. The curriculum contains thirteen modules of theory and lab projects. Each module contains text, animations, mini audio lectures, illustrations, review questions, pre-built lab projects and practice exams that engage and train with the concepts common to all robots.

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Robologix converts a student’s computer into a fully simulated Industrial Robot

The simulation software, RoboLogix, is designed to emulate real-world robotics applications and employs the basic principles common to the vast majority of robots currently in use in the automation industry including Cartesian and SCARA designs. This sophisticated simulator helps students learn the practical side of programming industrial robots in a safe environment. It uses a teach pedant and very common instruction set that may be familiar to those who have already worked on Fanuc and Motoman systems. The 3D simulated training environments included in the program are pick and place, spray painting, conveyor/palletizing and welding applications. The powerful simulation tool provides students with engineering-level simulation and robotics equipment worth thousands of dollars.

Benefits of RoboLogix Simulation Software

·         User-friendly 3D interface allows for “real-world” simulation

·         Test and de-bug programs in a safe, non-hazardous environment

·         Perform accurate robot simulations to verify reach, cycle time, through-put, etc.

·         Design or edit robotic programs without tying up programming time on an actual robot

·         Compare robotics programs to optimize cycle times

·         Enter modify and retrieve programs using a simulated tech penchant/control panel

Laboratory Project

The program includes dozens of robotics lab projects that range in complexity from basic robot functionality to advanced programming techniques. The purpose of these projects is to enable the student to become familiar with programming and operating a robot in a realistic 3D work environment and to reinforce theory covered within the program material. In addition to working with the pre-build lab projects students can also design, program and modify their own programs.

Additional Online Program Resources

The program’s Online Student Resource Center provides a wide range of additional resources including access to discussion forums, videos, images, supplemental learning materials. Online exams are also accessed within the Resource Center, submitted online for marking and then posted to the student’s record, giving them their exam results almost right away.

It offers extensive, broad-based training covering
everything a Robotics Technician should know. It gave me more
confidence in my day-to-day job.