Thursday 22 Sep 2016


Holy mackerel! This robot makes Sushi!

A robot that can handle the delicate touch required to make sushi is, well, pretty cool.
Robot makes sushi

Study: Global Facility Management Market Estimated To Be $1.12 Trillion

Tuesday 23 Aug 2016


What Does the Rise of Robotics Mean for Manufacturing?

Industrial robots are about to revolutionize manufacturing. As they become faster, smarter and cheaper, they’re being called upon to do more. They’re taking on more “human” capabilities and traits such as sensing, dexterity, memory and trainability.

Exploring the Next Revolution of 3D Printing in Industrial Manufacturing

Monday 25 Jul 2016


The U.S. Cities Where Manufacturing Is Thriving

Thursday 23 Jun 2016


3D printing can revive local manufacturing, but will it?

We have the power in our hands to take manufacturing back to the masses and reverse the trend of mass manufacturing in far off lands. Click here for full story

3D printer

Tuesday 24 May 2016


Advanced Manufacturing Is Not A Job Killer, It's A Job Creator

New jobs also will be created – and that on balance there should be more new jobs than lost jobs . But the new jobs will require different skills. And many of today’s industrial workers don’t have those skills. Click here for full story

Monday 25 Apr 2016


Robots A New Kind of Manufacturing Workforce

Robots A New Kind of Manufacturing Workforce

Improving the effectiveness of small and medium manufacturers could help stimulate the economy and drive job creation. Adding robotic employees to the manufacturing mix might just make manufacturers in the United States more competitive with their counterparts in Asia.

Monday 28 Mar 2016


Collaborative Robots Working in Manufacturing

There has been much new advancement in robotic manufacturing technology, enabling robot workers to be integrated into the labor force to increase productivity and efficiency.

Friday 26 Feb 2016

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U.S Manufacturing carving out staying power

Friday 15 Jan 2016

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Manufacturers to Install 1.3 Million Robots During Next Three Years

Friday 27 Nov 2015

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Flawed Robots are Better Equipped to Build Relationships with Humans

Humans are less likely to form successful working relationships with interactive robots if they are programmed to be too perfect, new research reveals. Click here for full story

Manufacturing Minute: 3D Printing Human Organs