Friday 15 Jan 2016

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Manufacturers to Install 1.3 Million Robots During Next Three Years

Friday 27 Nov 2015

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Flawed Robots are Better Equipped to Build Relationships with Humans

Humans are less likely to form successful working relationships with interactive robots if they are programmed to be too perfect, new research reveals. Click here for full story

Manufacturing Minute: 3D Printing Human Organs

Wednesday 16 Sep 2015

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Giving Robots A More Nimble GraspNimble Robots

Friday 7 Aug 2015

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Japan’s Robot Revolution: As the nation grapples with a shrinking workforce, are robots the solution?

Friday 10 Jul 2015


Wednesday 20 May 2015


Digital Factories: The Fourth Industrial Revolution?

One vision of the future of industry could mean … more machines and full automation.      Click here for full story

Wednesday 15 Apr 2015

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How Robots Are Saving the Dairy Farm

Today’s dairy farm is a far cry from what ads and movies would have you believe. Cows go to robotic milking stations on their own, where they are identified, milked, and sent back out to the barn until the next milking. Click here for full story

Wednesday 11 Mar 2015


Why a 200-year-old Brewer Turned to Robots

German brewer Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus, which was established in the 1790s, has turned to robots for a 21st-century answer to increasing profits. Click here for full story

Robots Replacing Human Factory Workers at Faster Pace

Wednesday 28 Jan 2015


6 Key Predictions For Manufacturing in 2015

The face of manufacturing in America has undergone more woeful changes than many of us in the industry care to remember. However, there’s good news to share. The lower costs associated with reshoring are driving more local manufacturing activity; technological developments are drastically changing the way plants operate; and capital investments are on the rise.

Tuesday 9 Dec 2014

MAPI Foundation Economic Forecast: Jobs, Replacement Demand Highlight Growth

Strong growth in jobs plus replacement demand for equipment from businesses will provide a stable base for overall economic growth, according to a new report.
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