PLC Technician Programs

We offer two PLC programs; PLC and PLC Technician II. 

The PLC Technician

The PLC Technician Certificate provides a more basic introduction and foundation to PLCs in manufacturing, and includes PLCLogix 500 our lab simulator for RSLogix 500 and SLC 500 series PLC software.

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PLC Technician II

The PLC Technician II Certificate provides a more advanced study of PLCs in manufacturing including DCS & SCADA systems. The PLCLogix 5000 simulator integrated within the program emulates the Rockwell 5000 series of PLC control software.

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Which PLC program is right for you?

If you are new to the world of PLC's, you may still be a bit unsure about which of our 2 programs is the best option for you. The answer to this question depends on a number of factors including your academic background, your work experience and your overall training goals. Take our quiz.

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