Online Exams

Online exams

You’ve worked hard to study and master the program material for your module. Now it’s time to prove you’re ready to apply your newfound knowledge and skills by passing an exam. The exams are made up of randomized multiple choice and short answer questions designed to challenge you so that you’re ready for the situations you’ll face in your future workplace. Fortunately, they include only the material covered by a module that you’re studying so you can prepare for them individually by concentrating on mastering the module content and completing the review question at the end of each module and practice exams.

How are Exams Written

Once you have worked through the module material and mastered the content you will be ready to take your online final exam. There is one exam after each module in the program. Exams are accessed in the online Student Resource Center and once downloaded you have 90 minutes to complete the 30 multiple choice and short answer questions. While taking your exam you can move back and forth between questions or leave a question unanswered and return to it later, Tools such as a calculator are included within the software and you can use your own notes or the textbook as reference. Once submitted your exam results will be graded by our exam server and emailed to you within an hour of completion. The passing grade for each module is 60%.