What it's Like to be a Student

Taking an online training program is a new experience for most of our students. How do I access the content of the program, how do I take an exam, or how do I interact with the college are typical examples of the kinds of questions that run through a student`s mind. To a first- timer of online learning it may seem a bit scary and complicated but rest assured it really is very straightforward and simple. To demonstrate how easy, here’s a sneak peak of what it’s like to be a student in one of the GBCTechTraining programs. 

Enrolling in your program

Enrolling in a program is very simple. You can register online through our program website or you can simply call us by phone (toll-free at 1-888-553-5333) to speak with one of a Program Consultant and enroll in a program immediately. We’ll send you an email right away, confirming that we received your registration to enter the program. On the next business day, after some required processing, we’ll send you another email to confirm you’re registered in the program and invite you join our private Facebook group, where you can meet fellow students and previous program graduates who are applying what they learned through their studies in the working world.

We’ll also send you the curriculum in a downloadable file format. You simply click the link and follow the instructions to download and install the curriculum software directly onto your computer. New students can start learning immediately, as all the required program materials are included with the download.

What’s the coursework like?

Installing the program software is very simple. And once you have installed the program material (simulation software and web-based curriculum software) onto your computer you can start learning immediately. For a step by step review watch the video below

Each program is broken down into “modules” that cover specific topics. You can think of a module as taking a specific class like English 101, towards an English degree except that the instructor gives you as much time as you need to study the learning material before the exam and doesn’t mind explaining each topic as many times as needed. Each module typically consists of the following:

1. Written material clearly explaining every topic in the module

2. True or false study questions on each topic

3. Simulation Labs to directly practice your newfound skills

4. Paragraph-form study questions covering the entire module

5. Over 30 practice exam questions similar to a final exam

Simulation Labs

Each program includes a simulator with simulation labs designed to provide you with hands on experience using some of the latest technologies in your respective industry. The simulation software teaches you programming skills, troubleshooting, hardware skills, and general concepts that you’ll encounter in the working world of your chosen field after graduation.

Additional learning support

Resource Center

In addition to the curriculum software, you will get access to our online resource material to help you easily master the program content. Students get access to the Discussion Forum with sections dedicated to the student community, tutorials and program news. Student Learning Center provides supplemental learning materials that can help you clarify complex concepts. Also, students can utilize a glossary of technical terms or watch videos related to the module content to clarify and reinforce the concepts.

If you feel stuck or have any questions, you will have access to our excellent support services. Our dedicated staff trained in every program to help our students work through any questions about your program. You can speak directly with one of our technical and tutorial support consultants by phone (toll-free at 1-866-279-1457), e-mail (support@gbctechtraining.com) or through online forms. They will answer your questions quickly and easily.

Online exam and exam preparation

To help make sure you've mastered the content, you'll review materials that include practice and review questions at the end of each module. Once you feel ready, you'll go online and take the module exam. Don't worry! You'll also be given a detailed guidance on how to take the exam and what is required to pass. After completing a module, you'll move on to the other modules in the program. 

Your previous schooling and training will determine how long it takes you to work through a module. If you have academic experience or work experience in a particular area covered by in a module you will likely move through it faster, than one that you are seeing for the first time. Regardless, you get set to set the pace, working on your schedule, with no scheduled deadlines to complete the material. The average completion time of a program is about 32 weeks for someone working through the program on a part-time basis.

Graduation Day

When you’ve completed all of the final exams for your program, you’ll automatically receive your certificate. While we still mail our Certificates you are now able to access your Certificate as an online e-Certificate.  Your e-Certificate will be available to you within two weeks of completing your final module exam and you printed copy mailed between 6 - 8 weeks of program completion.

So before you know it, you'll have completed the program, and you'll have received your certificate. It's that easy!