Dear Companies, Please Send Us Your Job Postings to Share in our LinkedIn Group!

Thursday 12 Mar 2015

It`s never really been practical for GBC to try and provide job advising or placement services to our students because they are so very, broadly distributed. About 90% of them are spread out across North America, and the remaining 10 % are even further away; ranging from the Australian outback to the oil rigs of the North Sea. 

About a year ago, we realized that we could do more on this front by hosting a private LinkedIn Group for our students and grads. The goal of this LinkedIn Group is to create a private community where our students can network with each other and advance their careers using these valuable connections. Every new student is invited to join the Group and program graduates are welcome to remain a member for as long as they wish. As of March 2015, we have over 500 members and are growing quickly.

Once we started the Group, it didn’t take us very long to figure out that what our members really value is seeing relevant job postings that match their typical backgrounds and program training. We currently post an average of about two jobs a week within the LinkedIn Group. It is free to post so you don`t have to worry about any charges. We`ve been providing these for about a year now and have received lots of very positive feedback from our members, often with one common request – give us more! 

Example of GBC LinkedIn Group Job Postings 

To accomplish this, we need your help. 

If you have an opening for a position at your company that you think a student or graduate of our Electronics, Electromechanical, PLC or Robotics Technician programs might be a good fit for, please have your HR department, or the hiring manager send it along to us.  We’ll review the posting to ensure it is appropriate for our Group, post it and hopefully produce some successful matchmaking. Any Group member interested in applying for your position will contact your company directly. We don`t want to be in the middle, we just want to help you and our students to make a connection. 

Your post will stay up for two weeks. If a student is interested in applying they will contact you directly. To repost after the two weeks simply resubmit it to us. 

Please send us your job postings to

Let us know if you have any questions. We hope we can help you fill your job postings with GBC students and grads!  


Please post your comments.

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