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Robotics arm in factory
Career Tips
Aug 25, 2021
The recent challenges our world has been facing has provided an opportunity for robotics to become more involved in every aspect of automation.
Career Tips
May 13, 2021
You have finally made the decision to go back to school and further your education.  Your reasons are clear, including learning new skills, transitioning into a new career, or taking your career to the next level.
working in a factory
Career Tips
Feb 02, 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic is creating new challenges for the manufacturing industry. Research by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), estimates
Men in Factory
Career Tips
Dec 17, 2020
If you’re considering a career in automation, you must already know that you’ll be working on a wide range of control systems, from simple fuses and motors to sophisticated electronic computer interface boards, programmable logic controllers (PLCs
Networking for Technical Professionals Infographic
Career Tips
Dec 11, 2020
Covid-19 has made it difficult for even the most social among us to build connections.  Here are a few tips to help technical professionals build and maintain their connections online, and prepare themselves for the post-pandemic world.  
Technicians examining quipment
Career Tips
Aug 28, 2020
In a 2018 study by Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute it was predicted that by 2028 there would be in excess
Automation Webinar Presentation
Career Tips
Aug 13, 2020
In our recent webinar, held August 13, 2020, our program experts covered 20 reasons to choose GBC's Automation Technician program. It included essential information about our Automation Technician program such as:
Technician Troubleshooting
Career Tips
May 26, 2020
​If you are considering a career in electronics, you may be aware that it is a broad technical field with numerous applications.  Ranging from analog to digital electronics, audio electronics, and even into sectors such as telecommuni
People in meeting around a table
Career Tips
Mar 16, 2020
Students often think that once they gain technical knowledge, they are ready to go and get that career they've always wanted.
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Career Tips
Aug 06, 2019
Distance learning and online programs have created more resources than ever before to assist in a career change.
welding robot in automotive plant
Career Tips
May 22, 2019
Manufacturing is vital to the modern economy, yet millennials rank the sector as one of their least preferred career paths (5th out of 7 in a study by the Nati
simulation software PLC II
Career Tips
Mar 25, 2019
To keep up with the demand for skilled workers and quickly changing technology, adul
Manager overseeing production
Career Tips
Feb 20, 2019
4 Reasons To Consider Technical Cross-trainingThe demand for skilled technical workers continues to grow with technological
Man at computer
Career Tips
Dec 14, 2018
Online courses and programs have gained massive popularity in the past few years, attracting a large and diverse population of learners.
old IBM computer
Career Tips
Oct 29, 2018
Computer simulations have greatly evolved with progress in computer science over the past few decades.
Automation website banner
Career Tips
Oct 29, 2018
In the past few decades, automation has rapidly disrupted and changed industries by redefining responsibilities of existing jobs, and introduced new fields and roles.
adult studying at home
Career Tips
Aug 10, 2018
You’re thinking about upgrading your technical skills, but still have reservations about going back to school as an adult learner. It’s completely normal to have these feelings.
Certificate vs Certification
Career Tips
Jun 08, 2018
Two commonly misunderstood types of training are certificates and certifications. Both provide important value, but are quite different in terms of purpose, content, oversight and commitment required to complete them.
Industrial technician
Career Tips
Apr 25, 2018
With technological developments happening all around us, newly graduated engineers or those who have been in the workforce for quite some time may find it difficult to stay competitive and on-trend within the current field.