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Online exam
Student Tips
Jul 19, 2023
We understand that exams can be stressful for our students, so today, we're here to delve into everything related to exams and provide valuable insights.
student studying GBCTechTraining
Student Tips
Jul 19, 2023
Congratulations on enrolling in one of our online training programs! As you begin your training, staying organized and motivated to succeed is essential.
Stu-View login
Student Tips
Feb 02, 2023
With tax season quickly approaching, it’s time to start preparing and gathering all relevant receipts and paperwork to file your taxes! Students can access and download their T2202 form from their online student account, which will account for all programs paid for during the 2022 calendar year.
Reasons to Join GBC Tech Training Student & Alumni Facebook Group
Student Tips
Jan 31, 2023
Our Facebook Group gives you the opportunity to get linked to a larger student community who share the same interests as you, a chance to network with past alumni of your program of choice and to discover new job opportunities, based on your interests.
gbctechtraining holiday hours 2022
Student Tips
Dec 07, 2022
With the holiday season quickly approaching, we wanted to update you on how the holiday break will impact our GBCTechTraining technical, tutorial, and administrative support. 
Electric vehicle Webinar Video
Student Tips
Oct 31, 2022
Whether you’re an Automotive Technician, Electrician or just interested in the rapidly expanding Electric Vehicle (EV) sector you’ll want to check out our recent Webinar.
student studying at home
Student Tips
Sep 22, 2022
There are many great reasons why you should consider studying in the comfort of your own home rather than on campus. The obvious benefits – and perhaps those that come to mind the quickest – are likely to be the saving of time and money.
Online Learning ROI
Student Tips
Jul 11, 2022
The argument over the value of online learning has been put to bed over the last 2 years, simply based on the amazing flexibility that it provides people in their place, on their own time, and with whatever priorities th
Too many Responsibilities
Student Tips
Jun 21, 2022
Continuing to pursue your education as an adult can be a real challenge since you must balance your daily activities while completing school assignments and evaluations.
Online Training
Student Tips
Jun 13, 2022
Learning new skills is one of the most effective methods to grow in your career.
How to Use Microsoft Edge Browser For Taking Online Exams
Student Tips
Jun 08, 2022
If you have written exams before or if you are about to take your first exam, you may know that Internet Explorer (IE) was the recommended browser for taking exams, as it was the only browser that supported the ActiveX co
2 technicians working onsite
Student Tips
May 04, 2022
Better Jobs Ontario (formerly Second Career) Can Help You Retrain and Re-enter the Job Market  
Student Tips
Apr 26, 2022
We recently sat down with Surajit, one of our support consultants at GBCTechtraining, to talk about his role in technical and tutorial support.
PLC Webinar Video
Student Tips
Mar 10, 2022
Our March PLC webinar, hosted by our program experts, delved into the top 20 reasons to choose our PLC programs. It covered topics like:
Student Tips
Mar 04, 2022
You have all heard about the importance of accreditation in higher education, but probably aren’t sure what the term exactly means. One of the biggest challenges with understanding accreditation is that the term is used quite broadly to describe many different things.
Open House Live Session Recording
Student Tips
Feb 01, 2022
At GBC Tech Training, we recently held a Open House Live Session to answer your questions about our programs. And we had a great interactive session, where valuable information was shared about our online technical training programs.
gbctechtraining holiday hours 2021
Student Tips
Dec 10, 2021
With winter break quickly approaching, we wanted to update you on how the holiday break will impact our technical, tutorial, and administrative support.
ET Chatbot on ET website
Student Tips
Nov 24, 2021
Here at GBCTechTraining, we take student support very seriously.  This means keeping track of the questions both current and prospective students ask regularly, anticipate potential questions, and make answers and information accessible to all.  H
August 2021 Ask Me Anything blog
Student Tips
Sep 30, 2021
Here at GBC Tech Training, we strive to provide individuals considering our programs with all the resources we can to help them choose the program that is fit for them.
robotics webpage with chatbot popup in right
Student Tips
Sep 20, 2021
GBCtechtraining has introduced chatbots into our websites over the last three years. The purpose of these chatbots is to help prospective students find information about our programs in a convenient and easy way.
Automation registration page
Student Tips
Sep 02, 2021
So, you’ve decided to register for one of our online programs which is great to hear. Congratulations and welcome!