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8 Things you Need to Know About GBCTechTraining Programs


Here at GBCTechTraining, we take student support very seriously.  This means keeping track of the questions both current and prospective students ask regularly, anticipate potential questions, and make answers and information accessible to all.  However, there are always questions that we may not foresee, but would love to answer!

So, we asked our trusty robot employee, Instabot (a chatbot that can be found on our Robotics, Electronics and PLC sites), what you most wanted to know about our programs.  After some computing, here are our top, must-know tips for students interested in GBCTechTraining programs… as asked by you.  

1. Our Programs are Suited for All Levels

GBCTechTraining programs are designed to be accessible to students of all levels; whether you are a beginner or an experienced tech, our programs are suited to take you to the next level in your skills and knowledge.  In our PLC program, in fact, we provide two programs for those at different levels—PLC Technician for those starting out, and PLC Technician II for more advanced students (check out this handy guide to learn which program may be right for you.) 

Our programs do not have set pre-requisites, and as long as you have a high-school diploma or equivalent mature student status the program is available to you. While prior experience in a chosen field will help students to navigate the program more quickly, it is by no means necessary to ensure successful completion of the program. See the video below for a more detailed explanation of the prerequisites for admission into one of our technical training certificate programs.

2. Our Programs are 100% Online and Distance-Based

GBCTechTraining classes are delivered completely online, which allows you to work on them from anywhere—whether it’s from your home, your workplace, or while you are in another country!  George Brown College is physically located in Toronto, Canada, but folks from across the globe are able to participate in our program without acquiring Visas or making travelling arrangements.  We welcome all international students!  All of our materials are accessible to you online, including program modules, exams, technical support, and student resources. 

3. Program Materials are Easy to Access

Program materials for GBCTechTraining programs are easily accessible—when you register, you will receive a custom link to download your program materials. You do not have to wait for materials to be delivered to you, and you can start the program whenever you are ready. 

4. Programs are Self-Paced

As there are no deadlines to complete the programs, you are able to study however often you feel comfortable, and follow your own completion timeline.  With part-time study, the program will take approximately 32 weeks to complete.  However, you can complete it more quickly (or more slowly) depending on how much time you have to put into your studies.  This is a great format if you are working full time, have a family, or other obligations, and are only able to study at certain times of day.  You can even take time off from your program and come back to it any time to complete your modules and obtain your certificate. There is no pressure for you to complete the program, and you are able to move at your own pace!

5. We Provide Hands-on Simulation Training

While GBCTechTraining programs are online, this does not mean that you will be missing out on hands-on training opportunities.  We use high quality simulation training software in all of our programs in order to give a hands-on learning experience despite being online. This will give you experience solving problems and understanding how to program and use different tools you will encounter on the job.  The Electronics Technician program, for example, uses two innovative simulation environments, 3dLab and CircuitLogix, to showcase examples from industrial and manufacturing electronics.  3DLab provides a realistic lab simulation environment for DC circuit experiments, while CircuitLogix uses two-dimensional, schematic circuit representation to build, test, and troubleshoot more advanced circuits. 

6. Payment is Flexible

Not only is your study time flexible, but GBCTechTraining also offers flexible payment options.  Upon registration, you are able to pay for the program in full… or if you prefer, you can pay module-by-module with our pay-as-you-learn option.  This method gives you the ability to begin the program after paying a portion of the cost, and as you work your way through the program you will pay for your next module as you access it.  If you are on a budget, this can be a great way to get started on or continue your education without a huge up-front investment. 

7. Plenty of Support Options are Available

The GBCTechTraining support team is available to students by phone and email, 7 days a week—including on weekday evenings.  This allows you to get on-demand support on your programs no matter when you are available to study, even on evenings and weekends.  Support can help you with technical content questions, with any issues you may have with your program materials, or with topic-specific questions (equations, for example.)  Peer support is also available, as GBCTechTraining provides access to online discussion forums where you can see student questions, access tutorials, and get assistance from other students.  If you use social media, a Facebook Community for students and alumni is also available, where students are welcome to ask questions, connect with their peers, and check out job postings and interesting industry-related articles. 

8. You will Receive a Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of your program, you will receive a Certificate from George Brown College.  A physical copy will be mailed to you—perfect to hang on your wall—and you will be given access to a digital copy. 

We hope that this has answered some of your questions as you prepare to enroll in a GBCTechTraining program.  And if you have more, feel free to get in touch with us at or give us a call at 1-888-553-5333 to speak with a Program Consultant.  Or, if you’d like to chat with our friendly resident robot, he is happy to answer your questions on the PLC and Electronics Technician websites!

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