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Technical Certificates Programs Eligible for Better Jobs Ontario Funding (formerly Second Career)


Better Jobs Ontario (formerly Second Career) Can Help You Retrain and Re-enter the Job Market  

Better Jobs Ontario, an Ontario Government initiative, developed to fund eligible people get skills training to help find jobs in high-demand occupations in Ontario. The Better Jobs Ontario grant covers such things as tuition, books, transportation, and a basic living expenses.

Changes to the Better Jobs Ontario Program

Better Jobs Ontario has replaced Ontario's Second Career program. The Better Jobs Ontario program has given priority to those individuals who have been left unemployed or laid off because of COVID-19 and want to retrain for jobs in sectors that have good potential for future employment. It now supports unemployed individuals with little or no work experience, those who are self-employed and those in the gig economy. The program will also offer much better access for those whose employment barriers may have been made worse by the pandemic, including young people, newcomers, people on social assistance, and people with disabilities. Qualified applicants can receive up to $28,000 in financial help with tuition, books and supplies, transportation and living expenses associated with their education

Better Jobs Ontario focuses on supporting training programs that take 52 weeks or less, including micro-credential programs.

GBCTechTraining Programs

The Automation, Electronics, Electromechanical, PLC, PLC II and Robotics Technician Certificate programs are eligible to be fast-tracked, meaning qualified applicates will be able to receive their funding and start their training sooner.

Key Information

  • Do I qualify for Better Jobs Ontario Funding?
  1. You have been laid off and have not been working or have been laid off and are working a temporary job just to cover costs.
  2. You are on social assistance
  3. You are self-employed or a gig worker
  4. You are a youth, newcomer, or other who needs a hand up

Please note, if you are receiving Employment Insurance (EI), or have in the past, you can still apply.

  •  When you are ready to apply
  1. Visit your local Employment Ontario assessment centre to be assessed as Better Jobs Ontario eligible and to develop a Return-to-Work Action Plan. Please visit: FEATS ( Click on ‘Training and Upgrading’ and then ‘Second Career’, enter your postal code and you will get a list of service providers in your area. (Please review the Research Document for your program(s) of interest. You will be required to include this document in the training research questions in the application to the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development. Automation, Electronics, Electromechanical, PLC, PLC II and Robotics Technician Certificate programs).
  2. Select a GBCTechTraining Certificate program. Our Program Consultants can answer your questions about the Technical certificate programs; from identifying which is best suited for you, to necessary prerequisites, to understanding how simulation software is integrated into the curriculum.
  3. Attend a Better Jobs Ontario information session to learn more about the Better Jobs Ontario application process and have your questions answered. 
  4. Once you have been assessed as Better Jobs Ontario eligible, by an Employment Ontario Officer, and have selected a GBCTechTraining Certificate program, contact the college’s advisor to receive a Better Jobs Ontario cost estimate which you will need to attach to your Better Jobs Ontario application. Contact: Kevin Ferrie

For general information about the Better Jobs Ontario initiative, visit the Better Jobs Ontario Government website.

If you are interested in leaning more about a career in manufacturing and exploring the Technical Certificate programs, contact a Program Consultant toll-free at 1-888-553-5333 or email us at

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