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Tips for Canadian Newcomers on How to Leverage Your Technical Background and Launch your Canadian Work Experience


It goes without saying that with no Canadian work experience, it can be very difficult for new immigrants to find a job in Canada`s technical labour market. And with no first job related to your original foreign training, it can be next to impossible to acquire that coveted Canadian experience that builds the foundation for a successful working career in Canada. With Stats Canada reporting that approximately one in three immigrants return to their home country within 20 years after their arrival, it’s critical that new immigrants effectively launch their new careers in Canada as quickly as possible.  

This post will provide tips for newcomers on how to leverage their knowledge, skills and technical training to better position and successfully launch themselves into the Canadian technical job market.


What Do Employers Mean By "Canadian Experience"?

According to Jeffrey Lee, an Employment Specialist /Practicum Coordinator in Burnaby, British Columbia, "Employers look for Canadian workplace experience so that employees are familiar with workplace culture, social cues, and expectations." Since different cultures may have different ways of handling situations, "newcomers with 'Canadian workplace experience' are seen as being more capable of getting along with the workgroup".  

So what is the best approach to building on your internationally acquired credentials and skills to most effectively transition into the Canadian marketplace?

Start with an Assessment of your Current Credentials

The most obvious place to start is to have your current academic credentials evaluated to determine how closely they match with and fit into the Canadian job marketplace.  The organization that can help you do this is The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials (CICIC). The CICIC is a central source of information about the services and organizations across Canada that can help with the accreditation of internationally acquired credentials and skills.

Once you have established the relevancy of your foreign credentials it time to think about if any additional Canadian credentials might help you on your path to work.

Building your Resume with Canadian Credentials

Further academic studies and/or training may be required to bridge the gap between your foreign training and work experience to meet Canadian standards and employer expectations. The Canadian and Ontario governments offer many resources to help newcomers accomplish this including these specific bridge training programs. Online programs like GBC`s technical training certificates provide another option that enables newcomers to study on a very flexible basis, at their own pace and acquire a Canadian certificate, relevant to the area they are seeking work in. A Canadian academic credential provides another form proof of “Canadian Experience” as well as helping you stand out from other job applicants by possessing a narrow training specialization (like PLCs or Robotics) that employers are seeking.

Focus on Building your Communication Skills

Building your communications skills with fluency in written, spoken and technical English is a critical component in creating work opportunities for yourself. GBC’s technical training programs provide an environment where students can learn the technical English required in their related field of work, through study of curriculum and the interactive tools that include text, worked examples, animations, simulation and audio clips of the content so they can actually see and hear the technical English in use, and review it as much as needed. Unlimited technical support provides newcomer students with the opportunity to further polish their technical communications by interacting with our support staff by phone email, or in online forums.

Build your Network in Canada

Most working adults have learned that who you know counts a lot in your overall success in the working world. Newcomers must focus on building a new network in Canada to help them find work opportunities and succeed in the careers.  Gbctechtraining programs offer opportunity to do this by connecting other working students in our forums and through our LinkedIn Group with prospective employers. Other resources like the Skilled Immigrant InfoCentre in Vancouver, features online resources and information that will be helpful to newcomers across the country. Their job search resources include details on researching companies that have a good track record for hiring immigrants, information on internships and mentorships, and how to use social networking to help your job search (and much more).

Addtionally George Brown College in collaboration with Career Services, The School of Immigrant and Transitional Education and the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) offers Mentoring Partnership. Through a one-on-one professional connection with a Mentor, Mentees gain valuable insights into the labour market, access to professional networks and finding work in the GTA.

The path to a successful technical career in Canada in not an easy on for new immigrants but by fully leveraging your existing credentials, adding new ones, continuously improving your communications skills and networking  you will build the base you need for long term success.

To find out more about our online technical programs call us toll-free at 1-888-553-5333 and speak to one of our Program Consultants.

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