Tuesday 28 Mar 2017

The manufacturing sector in North America is growing at a fast pace thanks to manufacturing automation and advanced technology that has made certain functions in the manufacturing process automatic and others, obsolete. Having said that this sector has been suffering from a crisis in high skilled labor to operate and manage automation equipment.

Tuesday 14 Feb 2017

Composite materials are the manufacturing approach of the future, at least according to current thinking. Highly engineered carbon composites are the basis for a whole new generation of advanced materials that are useful in both the aerospace and the emerging commercial space industry – and, in future, the automotive industry as well. Also, advances in technology have allowed companies to more easily predict the performance of a finished composite structure after performing process simulations.

Wednesday 28 Sep 2016

PLC vs. PAC: Measuring the Value of Each

In some ways, the phrase, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is an adage that can be applied to the manufacturing sector, particularly when it comes to the use of programmable logic controllers (or PLCs). Since the 1960’s, PLCs have been used to automate manufacturing processes – and while the PLCs of today dwarf the capabilities from those in operation sixty years ago, many believe that as far as process management is concerned, there is no better solution than a program logic controller.

Thursday 26 Nov 2015

It’s no secret that the Canadian job market hasn’t always been as welcoming to new Canadians as most of us would like to believe. It’s also no secret that our beloved nation is known internationally as a cultural and ethnic melting pot – after all, we have the highest immigration rate per capita than anywhere else on the planet – so naturally, we assume that our workforce must be one that values and recognizes workers with foreign experience and credentials.

Tuesday 17 Nov 2015

There was a time when collecting stamps in an album or pinning the dried thorax of insects under glass were considered to be admirable pastimes - the pursuance of which lent an air of sophistication to the practitioner (or at the very least, made them mildly interesting in the eyes of others).

Tuesday 27 Oct 2015

Everything old is new again – and when it comes to some of the most interesting programming ever witnessed on cable television that’s hardly ever a bad thing. Earlier this year, ABC announced that it had picked up the highly popular franchise BattleBots, green lighting a six-episode commitment for 2015. If you’ve never seen the show, BattleBots is essentially what it's refreshingly accurate title suggests it is: two homemade robots enter an arena full of spinning blades, crushing pneumatic hammers, and powerful flamethrowers with only one solitary purpose – to destroy or be destroyed.

Thursday 11 Jun 2015

Distance education pioneer Colin Simpson,Dean of George Brown College's Centre for Continuous Learning, will receive Nipissing University's highest distinction at its upcoming 2015 convocation ceremonies.

Friday 7 Nov 2014

New Version of PLC Technician II Program from George Brown College

The George Brown College Centre for Continuous Learning is pleased to announce the release of a new version of the computer-based curriculum for the PLC Technician II Certificate Program.

Friday 17 Oct 2014

George Brown College Center for Continuous Learning is pleased to announce a collaborative agreement with Neumann University that provides a direct pathway for graduates of our distance education-based, technical training programs into an Accelerated Bachelor of Science Degree with Neumann University.

Thursday 17 Oct 2013

George Brown College now offers a new advanced PLC certificate, PLC Technician II, covering PLC programming and applications, with targeted training for the Rockwell (Allen-Bradley) Logix 5000 PLC, using the advanced simulator, PLCLogix.

With the integration of the PLCLogix simulator, our program provides a comprehensive introduction to the functionality of advanced PLCs based on the Logix 5000 system, emulating its form, function and feel, to provide a comprehensive, “hands-on” training experience in the next generation of PLC control software.