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12 Steps to Prepare Online Tech Training Students for Graduation


As you’re preparing to graduate from your GBC Technical Training certificate program, it’s important to start thinking about your current and next steps to ensure a successful graduation and transition from the program. It can be challenging when figuring out where to start, so we’ve created a list of tasks and ideas to help you get started with the process!

Administrative Tasks

1. Check to ensure you’ve successfully passed all your module exams

The passing grade for a module exam is 60%, and you must pass all module exams prior to obtaining your certificate. A history of your marks is available online through the Student Resource Center—under “My Account”, click “Marks”. This is not an official transcript, just a record of your grades for reference.

2. Request your official transcript, and any important materials

Certificates are automatically sent to the address we have on file, so double check the address to ensure that it is sent to the right place. You can do so in Learning Resource Center, under “My Account”.

Here is a guide to requesting an official transcript for your GBCTechTraining program grades.

3. Complete the Student Satisfaction Survey

Upon program completion, you’ll receive an email with a link to our Student Satisfaction Survey. This is your opportunity to provide us with comments and feedback regarding your program experience. Please sent it in as we need your feedback to help improve our programs!

If Preparing for Job Search

Whether you’re unemployed or planning on switching companies, it’s important to start your job search early and be active to see what opportunities are available. However, there are some important steps to take prior to applying.

4. Revise resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile

Update these to include your new credential, and revise other sections to ensure all information such as current position responsibilities are up to date. Refreshing you resume’s design is also a great idea to have your resume stand out, and there are many downloadable templates available online for use.

5. Clean up social media

Prospective employers may check a candidate’s social media channels to determine if they are a good fit with the company. Social media can offer further insight on a candidate beyond their resume, which is why cleaning up your social media for a more professional persona is important.

6. Obtain references

If you’re applying for a new job, it’s important to consider who to use as a reference. Gather a list of at least 3 strong and professional references that can attest for your skills, abilities, and qualifications for the position, and contact them to ensure that they are willing to be a reference.

7. Start Networking

Finding a job opportunity is about who you know, and what you know. LinkedIn is a great place to start reaching out and building connections with current and former colleagues, classmates, professors, and those working in the industry who may know of a relevant open position. You can also keep up to date with companies that may post when they’re hiring, and for which positions.

Our Facebook group, GBCTechTraining Student & Alumni Network, is a great place to engage and connect with other technical training students and alumni to have program and career-related discussions, and check for industry relevant job postings that have been forwarded to us by employers.

8. Start applying

You’ve revised your resume, LinkedIn profile, and social media platforms, and you’re now ready to apply for positions! There are numerous sites available to search for jobs, such as Indeed, Monster, ZipRecruiter, and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn allows you to set up email notifications so that you get notifications whenever there is a new industry-related job posting for your area at a certain experience level, which makes it easier to review and apply to open positions you're qualified for.

If Currently Employed

9. Think about opportunities to implement what you’ve learned

See if there are opportunities to apply what you’ve learned in the program to your work, as this will help further your technical knowledge and skills. There may also be opportunities from your employer to adopt new responsibilities because of your expanded skillset.

10. Demonstrate initiative and showcase your new skills

There are many ways to demonstrate initiative and showcase your new knowledge and skills, and applying them within your position can improve your confidence within your work. You can showcase your new skills by gradually working with studied equipment, or sharing your new knowledge and skills with colleagues and team members who need help.

Other Details

11. Keep in touch through our Facebook group

As previously mentioned, you can use our GBCTechTraining Student & Alumni NetworkFacebook group to keep in touch with other students and alumni, as well as with the GBCTechTraining staff.

12. Celebrate!

Choosing to dedicate the time to study while balancing other responsibilities such as family and work requires a lot of hard work. Take the time to celebrate your success and the earning of a new credential!

If you’d like to know more about the process of graduating from our programs, contact us! You can speak to a Program Consultant toll-free at 1 888-553-5333 or email us at

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