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7 Top Tips to Convince Your Employer to Pay for Your Online Technical Training


Do you feel you need to boost your skills and increase your technical knowledge but don’t know how to ask your employer to pay for your online technical training? Well, you might be surprised to discover that your employer is more inclined to support your technical training than you are expecting.

To persuade your boss to pay for training you only need to make the right arguments, at the right time, using the right tactics. Here are our top seven tips to convince your employer to finance your online technical training with George Brown College.

1. Check your company’s tuition reimbursement policies. Usually companies have internal policies describing employee training and development. These policies contain information about the trainings options supported with tuition reimbursement, the allocated budget, etc. But if your employer doesn’t have a policy, ask someone from the HR Department whether they have ever paid for employee’s training.
2. Ask at the right time. Typically budgets are allocated at the beginning of your company’s fiscal year, so it’s better to request funding as early as possible in the year, before the budget is gone.

3.  Include your Manager and other key decision makers in the training evaluation process. Remember, many departments, such as Human Resources, may be involved in the evaluation and the approval of your technical training. Getting them involved from the beginning will improve your chances of a final approval.

4. Research all the training options and be prepared to present your findings. It’s important to do your research into all viable training options that meet your needs. Compare the costs, curriculum, duration, delivery format, online or in class, and pros and cons of each option.  Be prepared to present your findings to your manager or other key decision makers, explaining the alternatives you considered. Your research summary will can speed along the decision making process.

5. Your company may be eligible for training tax credits, deductions, or direct funding. Check local and regional government websites and ask your accounting department if your training program is eligible.

6. Create a list of ways your company will benefit from the training. Your employer will want to understand the effects your online technical training can have on the whole company. Possible examples are:
• A trained employee may reduce the need and cost for outside contractors.

• New technical knowledge and skills can be shared with others in the department.

• Efficiency will increase and the time to accomplish the tasks will be reduced.

• Trained employees have a positive attitude towards their organization and they are inclined to accept more responsibility.

7. Anticipate and address all concerns of your chosen training option. Your boss could be worried about the quality of the program, its outcomes, and how it’s going to affect your work. If considering a GBC Online Technical Training you might include the following:

• Time away from work.  Reassure them that GBC Online Technical Training Programs  will fit into your personal free time. They are self-paced programs with no scheduled classes that allow you to study wherever and whenever you want.

• Hands-on training. Assure them that GBC Tech provides hands-on programs by using interactive simulation software. For example, PLC Technician II Training incorporates PLCLogix 5000, a software that allows you to work in a protected environment where you can experience different settings and practice without being worried about your mistakes.

• Cost and payment issues. Highlight to them that GBC online technical training has flexible registration and tuition payment. Your employer can opt for the “pay as you learn” option. In this way they will pay only if you proceed in studying and taking the exams. This option is very helpful to monitor your pace, your improvements and your motivations.

• Technical support. Reassure them that GBC Tech Training provides full technical support available from 9 am to 10 pm during the week, and from 10 am to 5 pm on Saturdays. The Student Support Centre can help you set up your computer to write the exams, to receive your grades, and to fix any technical issue.

• Loyalty to the company. Reassure your employer that you don’t want to be trained to find another job. If it is an issue you might suggest to create an agreement to pay back the tuition assistance if you leave the organization within a set period of time.

Keep in mind that what you’ll learn with your online training will benefit your employer too. Trained employees are motivated and loyal. They improve the efficiency of a company and they tend to spread their knowledge in their work environment. Your technical training will benefit the whole company.

Using the right combination of these tips there is no reason why your employer should not seriously consider reimbursing your tuition for your online technical training.  So don’t be shy. Ask to your employer to invest on your training and be ready to show the benefit to the company.

7 Tips to Convince your Employer to Pay for Training Infographic

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