How to Avoid Academic Burnout as an Adult Learner

Continuing to pursue your education as an adult can be a real challenge since you must balance your daily activities while completing school assignments and evaluations. It might seem easy at first, but over time this balancing can affect your mind and emotional state of being. Academic burnout is the accumulation of stress from work and home-life resulting in frustration or lack of motivation to continue schoolwork. In this blog, we will look at how you can manage burnout and pursue your educational goals with a more positive state of mind.

Do Employers Value Online Training?

Learning new skills is one of the most effective methods to grow in your career. Whether you are looking for a new job or want to advance in your current position, updating your work skills can help you achieve your career objectives. Online training is one of the most convenient methods used by many to brush up on their existing expertise or to learn new ones. But you might be asking, do employers value online training in the same way as the more traditional in-person classes?

How to Use Microsoft Edge Browser For Taking Online Exams

If you have written exams before or if you are about to take your first exam, you may know that Internet Explorer (IE) was the recommended browser for taking exams, as it was the only browser that supported the ActiveX controls for these exams. However, you are probably also aware that Internet Explorer will be retired shortly. No need to worry! There are features now available in Microsoft Edge which permit taking exams on this browser by running in Internet Explorer mode.

Technical Certificates Programs Eligible for Better Jobs Ontario Funding (formerly Second Career)

Better Jobs Ontario (formerly Second Career) Can Help You Retrain and Re-enter the Job Market  

Better Jobs Ontario, an Ontario Government initiative, developed to fund eligible people get skills training to help find jobs in high-demand occupations in Ontario. The Better Jobs Ontario grant covers such things as tuition, books, transportation, and a basic living expenses.

Q&A With Surajit: Our Support Consultant at GBCTechTraining

We recently sat down with Surajit, one of our support consultants at GBCTechtraining, to talk about his role in technical and tutorial support. Surajit shares his thoughts about what his typical day is like, some common technical challenges faced by students, and how he and the other support team members can help.

Watch the full video by clicking the link below or you can continue to read the Q &A with Surajit.

Watch our March PLC Webinar!

Our March PLC webinar, hosted by our program experts, delved into the top 20 reasons to choose our PLC programs. It covered topics like:

  • GBC’s flexible & affordable enrollment options
  • What it’s like to be a PLC student
  • How we use simulation software in virtual lab-based learning (emulating Rockwell/Allen Bradley)
  • Program accreditation

The live session also gave prospective students, who attended the webinar, a chance to ask their questions about our programs:

Missed our Open House Live Session?

At GBC Tech Training, we recently held a Open House Live Session to answer your questions about our programs. And we had a great interactive session, where valuable information was shared about our online technical training programs.

Missed our Open House Live Session?

Don’t worry! We got you. You can read the highlights and also watch the full recording of our Open House Live Session by clicking the link below

Questions asked in the Open House Live Session: