Online learning is continuing to develop as a great option for obtaining additional skills and experience. At George Brown College School of Distance Education (SDE), our technical certificate programs give you the opportunity to learn using intuitive simulation software, at a pace you’re comfortable with.

If you’re someone considering online technical skills training, it’s important for you to be sure whether it’s a good fit with your lifestyle and best suits your needs as a student.

You’re thinking about upgrading your technical skills, but still have reservations about going back to school as an adult learner. It’s completely normal to have these feelings. We now live in a world where going back to school as an adult has not only become more common, but increasingly vital, as workers across all industries try to stay relevant in the face of technological and societal change.

Over the last quarter century, a combination of trade deals, automation and economic recessions sent the number of manufacturing jobs plummeting. However, since 2011, about half a million jobs have been regained. Rising wages in China, unpredictable business conditions, and advances in technology are leading some large U.S. companies to move some production to America from China.

It’s clear that the U.S. is experiencing a manufacturing renaissance.  Here are the leading hubs where the boom is happening.

Within the last decade, the pace of technological advancement has increased rapidly, changing the way things like factories and transit systems operate. Automation has become a key factor going forward, as machine capability grows. This increased presence creates a skills gap as the necessity to have workers trained in the operation of these machines becomes a pressing need.

Two commonly misunderstood types of training are certificates and certifications. Both provide important value, but are quite different in terms of purpose, content, oversight and commitment required to complete them. Selecting the right training will ultimately increase your hire ability and/or value to your employer.

Automation is a new major player in your workplace, and things are changing. You’ve been in the workforce for a few years now and have begun to ask yourself, ‘how can I stay ahead of the game?’ ‘Should I go back to school and how much will it cost’? You’re also worried that you don’t have time to commit to a diploma or degree program, and this makes deciding where to go to upgrade your technical skills nerve wracking. Going back to school after working for a long period of time is no easy task. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there and learn more skills.

With technological developments happening all around us, newly graduated engineers or those who have been in the workforce for quite some time may find it difficult to stay competitive and on-trend within the current field. According to a recent survey conducted by PEW Research Centre, a majority of American employees’ state that they will need continuous learning and training to stay up-to-date with all the changes occurring.

While there are no set exam deadlines for our programs, we here at the Student Support Center understand that taking any exam can be a very stressful time for our students, so today we’re here to discuss everything exam related!

If you are considering enrolling into one of our certificate programs, but are unsure of what to expect, here is a brief description of what you will receive upon registration.

Once you’ve enrolled into either Automation, Robotics, Electromechanical, Electronics, or PLC, you will receive an Interactive Learning Package from us by courier within 5 -7 business days.

The package you receive will contain the following items:

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