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Probably the most common question that we get from potential PLC students is “what’s the difference between our PLC and PLC II Technician Certificate programs?” The answer is a bit technical but we’ll try to keep it short and simple. Both programs provide a thorough introduction to PLCs but with one very important difference. The difference is defined by which generation of PLC technology is covered in the program and emulated, in the accompanying simulation tool.
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Programmable Logic Controllers , also known as PLCs, are robust industrial electronic systems used for controlling a wide variety of mechanical systems and applications. So how common are PLCs why are they so important? Well, in our heavily technologically reliant society, PLC systems are found everywhere, including in our factories, office buildings and even controlling the traffic on our streets. PLCs are at the very heart of the control of many critical technologies that most of us don`t give even a second thought to, they are so seamlessly and invisibly integrated into our daily lives.
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It’s Tuesday and you’ve been asked to work on a new program for one of the PLCs in your plant that needs to be completed by the end of the week.
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Distance education pioneer Colin Simpson, Dean of George Brown College's Centre for Continuous Learning, will receive Nipissing University'
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Many people considering our online technical programs and even registered students often comment “there is content overlap between the programs ”.&