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PLC Webinar Video
Student Tips
Mar 10, 2022
Our March PLC webinar, hosted by our program experts, delved into the top 20 reasons to choose our PLC programs. It covered topics like:
Student Tips
Mar 04, 2022
You have all heard about the importance of accreditation in higher education, but probably aren’t sure what the term exactly means. One of the biggest challenges with understanding accreditation is that the term is used quite broadly to describe many different things.
Technician in factory with robotic arms
Career Tips
Feb 02, 2022
Are you an Ontario employer trying to fill positions or vacancies or upskilling your workers? If the answer is yes, the Canada-Ontario Job Grant, along with George Brown College Technical Certificate programs can help.
Open House Live Session Recording
Student Tips
Feb 01, 2022
At GBC Tech Training, we recently held a Open House Live Session to answer your questions about our programs. And we had a great interactive session, where valuable information was shared about our online technical training programs.
Job market and economy news headline
Career Tips
Dec 21, 2021
Airlines are cancelling flights due to a lack of pilots. Restaurants are posting open positions on their Instagram accounts. Even local grocery stores have "hiring" signs on their doors as well. Welcome to 2022: despite being battered by the pandemic for a long time, the economy is finally showing signs of a strong and steady recovery, and the job market is improving as well.
technicians working under covid-19 guidelines
Industry News
Dec 15, 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has touched virtually every facet of daily life, from how we work and socialize, to how we purchase goods.
gbctechtraining holiday hours 2021
Student Tips
Dec 10, 2021
With winter break quickly approaching, we wanted to update you on how the holiday break will impact our technical, tutorial, and administrative support.
Craftsman drilling metal with drill
Industry News
Dec 08, 2021
Manufacturers present a huge opportunity for Canada's economic future.
ET Chatbot on ET website
Student Tips
Nov 24, 2021
Here at GBCTechTraining, we take student support very seriously.  This means keeping track of the questions both current and prospective students ask regularly, anticipate potential questions, and make answers and information accessible to all.  H
George Brown College
Career Tips
Nov 11, 2021
After two years of restrictions and stay-at-home orders, there is finally a ray of hope that things are getting back to the old normal.
the interconnectedness of the IoT
Industry News
Nov 10, 2021
The Internet of Things (IoT) has quickly grown from a futuristic idea or concept into reality as the number of connected devices and systems grows exponentially each year.
Articulated robot
Industry News
Oct 29, 2021
  Interested in learning more about the advantages of robots in manufacturing? You’ll want to keep reading.
male using microprocessors in programming
Technical Tips
Oct 28, 2021
Maybe you’ve heard of microprocessors before but want a refresher on what they’re all about. Or maybe you’re someone who is brand new to microprocessor programming and want a beginner’s overview. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. 
cobots in manufacturing plant
Industry News
Oct 21, 2021
Imagine working on a job that poses a serious risk to your health and safety—perhaps carrying close to 10 pounds of weight 350 times a day.
August 2021 Ask Me Anything blog
Student Tips
Sep 30, 2021
Here at GBC Tech Training, we strive to provide individuals considering our programs with all the resources we can to help them choose the program that is fit for them.
man with programming laptop monitoring robotic arm
Career Tips
Sep 22, 2021
If you’re in a robotics technician training program and are curious about what will happen after you graduate, this article is for you. 
robotics webpage with chatbot popup in right
Student Tips
Sep 20, 2021
GBCtechtraining has introduced chatbots into our websites over the last three years. The purpose of these chatbots is to help prospective students find information about our programs in a convenient and easy way.
Man wearing VR glasses in front of robotic arm
Industry News
Sep 14, 2021
The potential that smart factories have to completely transform our world cannot be understated.
Automation registration page
Student Tips
Sep 02, 2021
So, you’ve decided to register for one of our online programs which is great to hear. Congratulations and welcome!
Student Resource Center
Student Tips
Aug 30, 2021
Here at GBCTechTraining, we promote and encourage student success and we want to ensure that our students receive the necessary support when it comes to pursuing their studies.
factory in California
Industry News
Aug 26, 2021
The global COVID-19 pandemic saw a massive shift in US manufacturing, with some industries seeing an increase in demand, and others experiencing a sharp decline.