April Tech Bytes


What's Holding U.S. Manufacturing Back?

There has been an ongoing national conversation about bringing manufacturing back to the United States. The government, states, educators, and organizations have been pushing a resurgence through, addressing many of the roadblocks facing these organizations. Click here for full story
US Manufacturing
An Uber model for manufacturing is ready to upend the industry

Companies, entrepreneurs, and inventors can rent time on nearby equipment, be it CNC milling machines, water jets, or laser cutters. 

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Uber Module

3 Ways Technology is Helping the Construction Industry

With advances in autonomous vehicles, drones and 3-D-printer-created machinery, the construction industry is taking notice. Click here for details


Training Students to Outpace Automation

As more jobs become automated, companies are looking for employees who can essentially manage the machines doing the work. Click here for details


4 Ways GBCTechtraining Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

4 Ways GBCTechtraining Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

We know that looking for a job is tough and very stressful, particularly if you can`t meet 100% of the technical knowledge and required skills an employer is using as a criteria for a job that you know you can do and that you really want. Read More

Tips & Interview Questions that will Help You Prepare for Your Next Technical Job Interview

Before you head off to your interview, it's important for you to do your homework. I know, you wouldn’t have applied for the job if you didn’t think you are qualified for it but knowing you are prepared for the first or second meeting with your potential employer will create confidence and improve your odds of getting the job. Read More


Name: Scott Foltz
Program: PLC Technician

PLC GraduateScott Foltz, Maintenance Facilitator, is a lead mechanic with a national promotional products manufacturer. His decision to enroll in the PLC Technician program was based on several positive recommendations from maintenance forums and also the flexible format which allowed him to work at his own pace. “I really enjoyed the fact I could grab my laptop and jump on the program when I had a few spare minutes. Working as I do makes it difficult to devote a large block of time to studies.”

“My employer has been very supportive by providing tuition reimbursement and giving me the opportunity to apply my new skills. If you don’t use it you lose it.”

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