March Tech Bytes 2016


Collaborative Robots Working in Manufacturing

There has been much new advancement in robotic manufacturing technology, enabling robot workers to be integrated into the labor force to increase productivity and efficiency.

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Study: Robots Are Not Taking Jobs

A new study has found that factory robots have not hindered manufacturing job growth, but added to it. Between the end of 2009 and the end of 2014, 62 corporations with collectively the largest installed base of robots added 1.25 million new jobs to their payroll, an overall increase of more than 20 percent. Click here for details

Robotics Spending to Swell in Coming Years

Robotics is one of the core technologies that is enabling significant change in manufacturing through factory of the future initiatives. While traditionally used in the automotive industry, there is an increasing adoption of robotics in sectors like electronics, retail, healthcare, logistics, agriculture, services, education, and government. Click here for details


Controversy over whether college is worth the cost


Contention brings scrutiny to who does better in life — tradespeople or degree-holders Click here for details



Developing Manufacturing Workers Who Are Job-Ready on Day One



Over the next decade, 3.4 million manufacturing jobs will likely be needed, and 60% of them are likely to be unfilled due to the talent shortage. How can we close that number (and the skills gap)?




How to Get the Most From Our Online Technical Programs

So you are thinking about taking the plunge and starting school. At George Brown College we want our students to have the best possible experience while working through our programs. You can connect and stay engaged in the programs in many ways;

Talk to our tutorial support staff – Our Support Advisors are incredibly helpful and will provide unlimited and personalized technical and tutorial support with simple issues relating to the program or providing useful pointers on how to approach more complex content-based questions. Meet a member of our support team.

Use our Resource Center & additional learning material. All our programs have dedicated Discussion Forums, where students can seek assistance from other students, view tutorials on difficult program content or direct specific questions about your program to our online tutor. Or check out our tutorial videos on YouTube, designed to help you while working through our programs.

Connect to other students and graduates: We have established an exclusive LinkedIn group, GBCTechTraining, open to students and alumni of the online technical programs. By joining this group you will have the opportunity to discover like-minded professionals and also expand your network, foster opportunities and move forward in your career.

For information about the programs or what it’s like to be a student call a Program Advisor, toll-free at 1-888-553-5333.

 Student Success Story

Name: Rick Humphres
Program: PLC and EM

Rick Humphres is an Instrumentation Technician responsible for troubleshooting, writing and editing PLCs and repairing electronics equipment. With the support of his employer, through tuition assistance, Rick enrolled in the Electromechanical and the PLC Technician programs to ‘acquire a stronger knowledge base in electronics and improve (his) work performance’.

‘There were many aspects of the program that I liked including the problem solving required in the modules and the practice tests. It was great way to confirm that I truly understood the material and identified any areas of weakness.'

‘I found the Resource Centre's Discussion Forums useful and turned to them when I came to point in a module that I just couldn't seem to wrap my head around.  I was also able to help other students, through the forum, who were having problems with areas that I had already mastered.  That was pretty rewarding.’

‘My responsibilities really haven't changed that much but I use my new knowledge on a daily basis and have a much better understanding of my job tasks.  Equally important, I am able to accomplish & complete work in a timelier manner, without as much assistance.’

‘I am looking forward to continuing my education with GBC.’