How the Canada-Ontario Job Grant Can Fund Your Company's Training

Monday 13 Apr 2015

As the landscape of manufacturing changes, with plant operations becoming increasingly automated, more technically skilled workers are required to maintain your company’s competitive edge.

Are you an Ontario employer trying to fill positions or vacancies with talented & skilled workers? If the answer is yes, the Canada-Ontario Job Grant along with George Brown College Technical Certificate programs can help. The mandate of our technical certificatetrouble-shooting electrical panel programs is to meet the needs of your workforce. By updating technical skills or cross training your workforce we believe that you will see a positive impact on your organization through their increased effectiveness and efficiency. And with the online format your employees will complete the programs without interrupting standard scheduling hours.

What is the Canada-Ontario Job Grant?
The Canada-Ontario Job Grant will provide direct subsidies to Ontario businesses that want to provide training to help them hire and /or retrain employees.

Our Eligible Programs
• Electronics Technician Certificate          • Electromechanical Technician Certificate
• PLC Technician Certificate                      • PLC Technician II Certificate
• Robotics Technician Certificate             • Automation Technician Certificate

How does the Canada-Ontario Job Grant Work?

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant will provide significant saving to your company by covering 2/3 of the eligible training costs up to a maximum of $10,000 per individual.

Program GBC Program

Government Funding 

Your Company Contribution

Electronics Technician Certificate  $ 1665 $ 1100 $ 555
Electromechanical Technician Certificate  $ 1725 $ 1150 $ 575
PLC Technician Certificate  $ 1700 $ 1133 $ 567
PLC Technician II Certificate  $1700 $ 1133 $ 567
Robotics Technician Certificate  $ 1570 $ 1047 $ 523
Automation Technician Certificate  $ 1750 $ 1167 $ 583


For a review of more commonly asked questions regarding the Canada-Ontario Job Grant including employer eligibility and application forms visit

We are here to speak to you directly. Call Angelo Vouloukos, Program Coordinator, toll-free at 1-888-553-5333 or email us at to find out about using the Canada-Ontario Job Grant to train your staff.

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