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May 2014 Tech Bytes


Manufacturing is back. Now what?

The manufacturing sector has gone from being written off to heralding a new wave of American innovation. It’s time for all of us to think about what we can do to help keep up the momentum.  Just as these manufacturing leaders make their way to Phoenix to discuss how to keep their businesses moving forward, the conversation needs to stay on the national stage all year long. It’s one of the best ways we can ensure U.S. economic growth and prosperity – both in the immediate future and in years to come.
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Companies, Shifting Production, Expand to Accommodate Robots

Even a robot needs a home. That is what companies across the country are realizing as they shift more production to robotics.
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As manufacturing changes, it's time to take some risks

Futurist Jack Uldrich sees what's coming next, and encourages manufacturers to jump on the trends while presenting at the MFG Meeting in Phoenix.
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College students bypassing degrees on purpose
Kevin Floerke has been down this route before.
A student at Santa Rosa Junior College in Northern California, Floerke, 26 years old, already graduated in 2010 from UCLA, where he majored in archaeology.
This time, however, he’s not after a degree. He’s just trying to master a set of techniques and technologies that will help him verify the details he finds while doing fieldwork.
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Find new opportunities
At George Brown College we understand that our students want to grow in their career and find new opportunities. The GBCTechTraining LinkedIn Group is open to all students of the online GBCTechTraining Electronics, Electromechanical, PLC and Robotics Technician Certificate programs. This group is intended to help our students develop new contacts and career opportunities in their program areas.
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Student success story

Name: Royal Love
Program: PLC Technician
oyal LoveRoyal Love is a Maintenance Technician responsible for the mechanical and electrical maintenance of machinery. He has completed the PLC Technician Certificate program.

“While at university, working on my Associates Degree in Electromechanical Engineering Technology, I was introduced to the basics of PLCs and was very interested in learning more as I knew that PLCs would offer me a promising future in the industry. The pay-as-you-learn method of payment combined with the fact I could work on it at home made it very easy to start the PLC program at George Brown College.”

“The aspect of the program I liked best was the interactive software; the company I work for has a machine that has the PLC/05 family controller and SLC 500 software and it looks and interacts the same as the LogixPro software. Also, the staff at the Student Support Center was very helpful. I especially remember one instance where I was having difficulty running the software and they helped troubleshoot my computer settings”

“I actually have used what I learned in my current job; specifically using the force function to make a component "automatically" come on wirelessly, picking out the different components of a PLC system such as contact and overload-relays and using that to determine what devices are malfunctioning. While my duties have not really changed yet the company I work for is still growing. I am certain that the skills I have learned in this program will be beneficial to me as well as my employer."